Friday’s the day we bring you a week’s worth of casual gaming headlines from around the web. To recap: the Stress Institute says stress can be reduced by playing games – especially funny ones. More than half of U.S. males play videogames according to an NPD survey, and casual gamers don’t read game reviews, according to EA.


  • NPD: Nearly 2/3 of U.S. plays videogames

  • Stressed out during finals? Play a game

  • GarageGames announces 2008 InstantAction Game Developer Contest

  • Casual online gambling sites come together

  • Former Freewebs expanding Into social media

  • Online gamers raise money for Georgia charity

  • Dynasty Gaming pursues acquisition of Chinese companies

  • WildTangent raises $20M


  • EA Casual and the problem with reviews (read Gamezebo’s response here.)

  • Online gaming is picking up pace in India