Purrfect Pet Shop is a game that is sure to tug at the heart strings of any animal lover or pet owner – and we know there are a lot of you here at Gamezebo. This upcoming time management game challenges you to run your Nana’s pet adoption center while she’s away on vacation. There, you’ll take in stray and unwanted creatures, nurture them back to tip top shape, and then match them with the appropriate new owner.

When new animals arrive at the shelter they’re housed in cages at the bottom of the screen. Many of them come in hungry, thirsty, dirty or sick and need the appropriate attention, whether it’s being fed or watered, administered medicine or vaccines, or given a bath – all of which are accomplished by clicking on the animal and carrying it to the appropriate station.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing disturbing or graphic here – at worst, the animals will appear tired and droopy when they first arrive but as you work with them and see to their needs their stance will change to that of a happy and alert animal.

Once the animals are healthy again, it’s time to find them new homes. Customers interested in adopting pets will appear at a counter with thought bubbles over their heads that give you hints about the type of pet they’re looking for. You get four clues: fur color, fur length, size, and type of animal, and from there it’s up to you to choose the most appropriate pet.

For example, if a lady is asking for a large gray medium-haired dog, then the husky should do the trick. Or if she wants a small beige short-haired dog, then you’d better give her the pug. Or, she might ask for a short-haired orange cat, or a gray guinea pig.

If you deliver a healthy pet to the correct person that asked for it in a timely manner, you’ll earn a nice chunk of cash that can be used in between levels to purchase upgrades for the shop like more efficient water and food dispensers, additional bath tubs, and other goodies. However, if you adopt an animal out that still has something wrong with it (like it’s still dirty), you’ll only get a fraction of the money.

If you earn enough cash to meet your goal for the day, you’ll move on to the next level and be awarded a humorous rank like Head Newspaper Changer.

In between running the shop, you’ll also get to take time out to care for your own “special pet” that you create at the start of the game by selecting whether you want a dog or cat, then customizing its appearance by adjusting features like size, fur length and color, eye color, and whether it has fur patterns like stripes or spots.

The “special pet” is an animal that needs extra hands-on attention before it can be adopted out. By interacting with it one-on-one, playing with toys, taking it on excursions, feeding it treats and petting it, the dog or cat will gradually start to trust you and realize that not all people are mean. You can buy toys for your special pet at the same store as you buy the other upgrades.

Purrfect Pet Shop also features a fun Photo Shoot mode, where you can take a snapshot of your pet along with all the toys you’ve acquired, type a personal caption under the photo and select your favorite style of frame. When finished, you can save the picture to your computer or email it to a friend with the click of a button.

There are four levels of difficulty offered, so everyone from children to hardened veterans can enjoy the game at their own pace. Purrfect Pet Shop will be launching later this month, so check back to Gamezebo to read our review.