It’s Friday, which means it’s time for our casual games weekly news roundup. Highligts: Reflexive’s Russell Carroll weighs in on the issue of cloning, and Rady Strude, heading of gaming strategy at Intel, says “The PC will kill the consoles” in an interview with Dean Takahashi in the Mercury News.


  • Big Fish Games acquires Thinglefin

  • Casual Games get a serious business model: NeoEdge launches first open advertising network for a huge, untapped market

  • Merv Griffin’s Crosswords licenses online Game to Oberon

  • 7-Eleven brings Nexon America game cards to teen, ‘tween customers

  • It may be getting colder outside, but it’s a beach at

  • Hottest casual games for mobile now available off-deck from Sandlot Games

  • Eyeblaster in-game exceeds 60 titles as games reach wider demographic

  • Thomas N. Burg joins Playyoo, the social networking platform for mobile games


  • Opinion: Cloning Created The Casual Game Business

  • CMP’S game developers conference reveals content for 2008 lineup of summits

  • Mobile games taking casual inspiration (part 1)

  • Differing perspectives on licensing IPs

  • The Madness of Randy Stude and the triumph of the PC gaming platform

  • InstantAction: The Josh Williams Interview

  • Road to the IGF: Heaven2Ocean’s water drop aims for the sea

  • Seeking wisdom from the Wii-Maker


  • The GigaOM Show #18: Putting The Cash in Casual Games