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Help Poirot find out who’s trying to kill Magdala Buckley with our walkthrough for Agatha Christie: Peril at End House.


Ballroom – 5 olives in a glass


Beach – 6 toys in a basket


Cliff Edge of lawn – 6 croquet balls


Community dock – 3 fishes on their hooks


Dining room – 9 radio details (red); 3 teapots in order (blue); 3 monks in a row (yellow)


Foyer – 5 pigs in a row


Freddie’s Room – 5 tulips in a vase


Gate to End House – Title “ENDHOUSE” (red); 12 pieces of newspaper (blue)


Hotel Lobby – 5 keys in their bins


Lounge – 6 eggs on a plate


Nursing Home Lobby – 5 blocks in a row


Parlour – 6 papers in a drawer


Police Station – 3 helmets on a rack


Seacliff Steps – 2 stones in a row


Seaview Promenade – 5 stones in sand



Investigation 1: Ms Lemon’s Letter:

The bolded words in square brackets are pieces that have to be fit into the spaces in the letter.

Mr. [Poirot], I had the [bullet] analyzed at your request. It is from a [German] [Mauser] [pistol]. As you know, it is not uncommon for [veterans] of the [war] to have these [pistols] as [souvenirs].

[End] [House] is legally registered to [Magdala] [Buckley], your “Miss [Nick]“. But it is heavily [mortgaged] to the B[ank] of E[ngland]. That’s all I have for now. Miss Lemon.

Investigation #2:


Investigation #3:

Combination Lock

HINT: Rotate the lock to select the correct letter. When the right letter has been chosen, it’ll turn orange and lock into place. The letters and numbers above and below the lock are hints – add or subtract the number next to the letter.

Upper section:

F-3 = C


L+6 = R

S-5 = N


Z-1 = A

Q-5 = L

G+5 = L

Lower section:

B+1 = C

M+2 = O

N-13 = A




Investigation #4:

Solutions to the matching puzzle:

Proof that Nick was shot at in the garden? = hat

Claims her best friend Nick is a liar = blonde woman

Tampered with in order to cause an auto accident = car break

Nick called this a drafty old albatross = mansion

The Mauser pistol from End House is missing = empty box

Poirot’s old friend and chronicler = grey-haired man

Cord was deliberately frayed = painting

Someone pushed this over the edge = boulder

Stayed with Freddie in a nearby town = man with red tie

Housekeeper at End House = older woman

Says she has no enemies = woman in red bandana

This ex-naval officer is in love with Nick = man in white collared shirt

Investigation #5 (letter):

Mr. [Poirot], I looked into Dr. [MacAllister] as requsted. He has a nice [clinic] in H[arley] St. And another in on P[aris]. Supposedly he treats [hysterical] [women] but it felt all [wrong] to me. His [waiting] [room] was filled with [society] [women,] but none of them met with him longer than [five] [minutes!] A [nurse] told me that [Commander] [Challenger] comes to the clinic at least once a week. Miss [Lemon. ]

Investigation #6


Investigation #7 (radio)


Investigation #8

Disabled and thus an unlikely suspect? = old woman

He encouraged Nick to make a will = bald man

Worn by both Nick and Maggie on the fateful night = black dress

Alone in the dining room during the shooting? = woman in white collared shirt

Nick made one before her appendicitis operation = will

Has a drug habit = woman with green scarf

Nick was engaged to this dashing pilot = photograph

Says she has nothing more to live for = woman with red bandana

Claims little interest in inheriting End House = man with glasses

Someone hid this in the parlor = jacket

Good cover for a gunshot = fireworks

Tragically murdered at the fireworks party = dark-haired woman

Investigation #9 (letter)

Mr. [Poirot], you are quite right. I met with [Matthew] [Seaton] ‘s [solicitor. ] His [will] did leave everything to his [nephew,] [Michael. ] And [Michael, ] in his turn, filed a [will] with the [solicitor] keeping it [secret] from his [uncle]) that left everything to [Magdala] [Buckley]. It’s such a shame about the young [pilot]. Whoever this young is [lady], she is now very [wealthy!]

Investigation #10

Rotate the puzzle pieces until they’re in the correct order. When you have a match, the piece will click into place.

Investigation #11

Part 1:

Match shape of chocolate to shape of tray. There are more than one chocolate of the same shape, so you might have to try a few different ones before you find the correct one. When you’ve made a match, the background turns red.

Part 2:

Use scalpel to click on the partially eaten chocolates until Poirot makes a discovery.

Investigation #12:

HINT: Set the hour hand to each number in the order that the lights are flashing, starting with red.

SOLUTION: 3 o’clock, 1 o’clock, 7 o’clock, 10 o’clock, 5 o’clock

Investigation #13

This weapon was hidden in End House = revolver

Gets drugs from his uncle in London = man in white shirt

Left everything to Magdala Buckley = photograph

Filled with cocaine = watch

The murderer was obsessed with it = house

Says he just got the will this morning = man with glasses

Killed Maggie = woman with red bandana

Was secretly engaged to Michael Seaton = dark-haired woman in grey shirt

Likely tampered with the will = bald man

Had nothing to do with the poisoned chocolates = man with red tie

Was set-up as the obvious suspect = woman with green scarf

Was alone in the house at the time of the shooting = dark-haired woman