Many companies are celebrating Thanksgiving by offering great deals on the games we love, which is just one more reason to be thankful. And if you’re not American and are wondering what all this Thanksgiving fuss is about, just go with the flow and enjoy the discounts anyway!

iWin: 40% off nearly everything on the site. (Use coupon code Gratitude) – ENDS TODAY!

MSN Games: 50% off all PC download games. (Use coupon code “thanksgiving”)

RealArcade: 50% off Glyph

Reflexive: 10% off any game (use coupon code TURKEY07)

Sandlot Games: 25% off Westward

Shockwave: Discounts on food-themed games: Burger Island, Delicious 2 Deluxe and Chocolatier are 25% off, and Cake Mania, Turbo Pizza and Diner Dash are 50% off!

Sony is offering PlayStation 3 owners discounts on Calling All Cars, fl0w, Pixel Junk Racers and Everyday Shooter, available for dowload through the PlayStation Network.

SpinTop Games: 50% off Mystery P.I.

Comcast: Save 15% off any game until November 28 on Comcast PlayGames. Just enter this special code at checkout: TURKEYDEAL07