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Check out our tips and tricks for Alawar’s block-sliding puzzle game Land of Runes.

Tips and tricks for the bonus game

1. To make the bonus game easier, first remove the runes that will open up the most new runes. Players often face a choice between three blocks of the same color. Remove the two that block another rune. If all of the runes block something, you should select the two runes that will free the most new ones. This improves your odds of being able to make more turns. Some bonus levels consist of two rows. Try removing the runes on the upper level first. Hint: a rune is blocked if other runes surround it either horizontally or vertically.

2. To earn the most bonus points, remove pairs of identically colored runes one after another. For examples, remove two or more pairs of yellow blocks in a row. The longer the chain, the more bonus points you’ll earn. The destruction of runes with icons nets twice as many points, and if you destroy them last in a series of identically colored pairs, you can earn a ton of bonus points.

Tips and tricks for the main game

1. If you don’t know where to place the current rune, drop it where there’s at least one identically colored rune.

2. If time is running out, don’t panic. When the timer starts blinking, time will slow down so you can find a time bonus or focus on the blocks that need to be destroyed to complete the level.

Trips and tricks for the bonuses

1. If you find a useful bonus and can’t pick it up in one shot, relax. Take a look at the runes surrounding the bonus. It’s likely you’ll be able to create a stopper behind it in a couple of shots and pick it up then.

2. When a bomb goes off, it destroys all of the runes in a one-cell radius while scattering the runes above it with a shockwave. Bombs can be very useful when they fall deep into a large stack of runes. Try dropping them through damaged blocks and dummies so they can detonate as deeply as possible.

3. The breaker, just like the drill, destroys everything in its path while moving across the game board. Drop this bonus into areas with lots of obstacles, especially indestructible ones such as stone blocks.