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Check out our tips & tricks for Cake Mania 2 and help Jill run her bakeries more efficiently!



  • In the early stages of the game when Jill is walking slowly, it’s best to maximize your time. As soon as a cake is done baking, look at the next customer’s order and bake the next cake before you take the one in your hand to get frosted. As you’re walking back to pick up the cake that you just baked, hand out some menus to the customers that just arrived. This tip is also useful throughout the game. The more things you can get accomplished on your way to do something else, the better organized you will be and the more orders you will be able to fill.




  • When the cakes are stacked it’s hard to see the shapes of the cakes and it can become confusing. The best way to get past this is to look at the color on the side of the cake to determine which shape it is. When making the stacked cakes it’s best to put them on a frosting tray that has all the different color frostings in one tray so that there’s less room for error. Choose the tray that has all the color frostings that you need and build your cake on top of one tray so that you will not get confused about stacking the cakes from different trays. (This will not always be possible in some stages, depending on how many trays you have.)




  • Things can get hectic and sometimes you may pick up the wrong cake and you need to put it down, or you have one only one frosting tray that has a cake already on it. You can right-click on a cake to swap it with one in your hand.




  • Sometimes Jill is standing in front of the ovens and you cannot see the buttons that correspond with the shapes of the cake. If you know for sure where the button is located even though Jill is blocking it, you will still be able to click through her, so to speak: just click on where you think the button is and the cake will start baking. If you’re not sure where the button is located, simply move Jill to another side of the bakery by clicking onto anything else like the trash can or a counter.




  • When shopping for upgrades, it is a good idea to purchase faster ovens, faster shoes and cookie ovens first. The TV and the cookies will help you keep your customers happier for a longer period of time so that you can get everything done. The display stands are good to hold some cakes that may have been made by mistake or to make some cakes in advance to display.




  • Most time management games are timed with an actual clock, but In Cake Mania 2, your timer is a calendar. Each bakery takes place over the 12 months of the year, and each of the 12 levels for a particular bakery is broken down into the days of that particular month. For example, the month of February has 28 days, and so your level will end when you see the 28th appear. December has 31 days so you get a little extra time to fill orders.




  • Pay attention to the dates on the calendar because that will help you determine at what pace you need to move. If you see that you’re a little off your goal and time is almost out, it’s a good idea to collect the money from as many customers as you can so that you can make room for incoming patrons thus earning some much needed last minute money. The flip side to this tip is that at times it’s good not to collect the money so that it can give you time to catch up on your orders and start fresh for your next batch of customers.




  • There will be times when the customers will come in pairs, called "bubble twins." They each have an order bubble over their head, and are to be treated as a single customer with a double order. Simply hand them their orders one at a time, in no particular order. The "bubble twins" will pay you once you’ve completed both orders, and you will also get double the tip.




  • Certain customers will have an effect on other customers and either reduce the hearts of customers around them faster or increase upon their arrival. The secret agents and the kids tend to make the hearts of customers around them fade faster.




  • Jill can only carry one cake at a time but she can hand out menus, collect money, tune the television, bake another cake and frost cakes all while holding a cake in her hand. This will come in handy as she’s walking towards her next destination.




  • You will lose money if you have to throw out a cake or if a customer becomes impatient and leaves. For every customer that leaves you will lose $50, for every cake that you throw out you will lose $20.



  • To get the biggest tip possible, make sure hearts are filled right before you hand the cake order to the customers by giving them some cookies or tuning the television to their favorite channel. Certain customers tip more than others, so pay attention to your payments, and then start serving the biggest tippers first so that you can get the best tip from them. Doctors, for instance, are the biggest tippers and they don’t have a lot of time; take care of them quickly so that you can get their full tipping potential. Police Officers on the other hand are low tippers so you will not get as much out of them.




  • There are 6 trophies that you can earn during the game that correspond with the 6 different possible endings. In order to collect all 6 trophies you have to start the game over 6 different times and choose a different path each time. You can only post your high scores for the "endless mode" and not the "story mode".




  • There are two types of "Aliens:" one is an actual alien and the other one is in a costume. It’s important to differentiate between the two because when they enter the store you need to know which channel to tune to in order to make them happy. The actual alien likes the "weird astrology" channel and you can distinguish him by the way he holds the menu at different angles. The "costumed alien" likes the music channel and you can distinguish him by the way he rubs his stomach when he eats a cookie. Once you tune to the music channels, the costumed alien will take the mask off.



  • Pay attention to the hearts your patrons have when they are in the bakery. The most hearts they can have is five. The more hearts they have, the happier they are and the bigger the tip will be that they will leave. There are several ways to refill their hearts:


    (a) Cookies: You can make sure that you have cookies available so that they can eat while they’re waiting in line. Most of the time each cookie will add 2 hearts but in some rare instances it will only add one extra heart

    (b) TV: You can tune the television to their favorite channel. You will know which channel makes them happier by observing which customers added extra hearts and also by the little dance they do as their favorite channel comes on.

    (c) Menus: Handing them menus quickly will usually add one extra heart. There will be a description below of all the customer types and their habits.


    Ovens: You can purchase up to three different ovens to have in your bakeries. You need the faster ovens so that your cakes can be ready more quickly. It’s also a good idea to purchase multiple ovens early on so that you can bake multiple cakes at one time.

    Shoes: Jill will gain much needed speed when you purchase these. Jill starts off really slow in the early stages so you will need to purchase the faster shoes quickly because you don’t want Jill taking all day to get to the next stations.

    Frosters: You can purchase up to 3 of these in your bakery. It’s a good idea to have multiple frosters when you have multiple ovens so you can frost several cakes at one time. It’s also good to purchase the faster frosters along with faster ovens so the frosters can keep up with the speed of the ovens.

    Cookie Ovens: This should be one of your first purchases. Unlike the TV (where you have to figure out everyone’s favorite channel), most patrons enjoy the cookies. The only customer whose hearts will not be raised by a cookie is the man in the yellow biohazard suit. The cookie ovens are great because once you’ve taken the last cookie, it will automatically bake some more.

    Display Stand: The display stands are good if you make a mistake and you need a place to put a cake that was not needed at the time so that you will not lose money by throwing away the cake. They are also good for displaying extra fancy cakes that you decorate at the beginning of a level in hopes that the customers will purchase them. Decorating fancy cakes early on are especially effective when the crazy cat lady visits the bakery.

    Toppers: Each topper that the customer orders for their cake will earn you extra money. Try not to purchase them too early since they are a lot of work. Do buy them if you need extra money because you are having difficulty reaching your goals and you need that added income to complete the level. Here is a list of all the toppers and how much you will earn every time a customer requests one: The amounts provided below vary from what the online help for this game says. I adjusted the amounts according to what I encountered.


    Kitten $5

    Soccer ball $10

    Lucky (horseshoe) $15

    Teddy bear $20

    Tiki $25

    Pagoda $25

    Palm tree $25

    Heart $35

    Television: You can purchase a television upgrade to keep your customers happy. In order to use the television upgrade effectively you have to know which channel makes which customer happy. In the instance where there are "bubble twins" or paired customers you should switch the channel according to the customer that is closest to the counter and it will then add hearts to their bubble. The best way to find the right channel is to run your mouse over the colored buttons on the TV and you will see a preview of what each channel is. Once you find the right channel press the button to tune to your desired station.


    Here is a list of the 4 channels and which customers respond best to them.


    Weird Astrology (Lady looking at a crystal ball)

    The customers affected by this channel are:

    -The lady with the tiny dog


    -Goth Man dressed in all black

    -Crazy cat lady


    News Channel (Man at a desk reading the news)

    The customers affected by this channel are:

    -The Indian lady that is wearing the red and yellow dress

    -The Secret Agent in the black suit with sunglasses

    -The Police Officer

    -The woman in a space suit

    -The Nuclear Tech in the yellow biohazard suit


    Music Channel (People dancing)

    The customers affected by this channel are:

    -Punk female with the green and yellow hair

    -The actor in the white suit

    -Costumed Alien

    -Kid with the inflatable duck around his waist (always yelling "It’s my turn")


    Nature Channel (Rivers and woods)

    The customers affected by this channel are:

    -Grandma with baby

    -Man with the blue jumper that is covered with snow

    -Doctor in green scrubs


    -Man in penguin suit


    There are 18 different customer types. It’s a good idea to get to know their personality and what makes them happy so that you can get through the day without losing any customers. Some customers, like the Samurai, will always order more than once and is quite patient so pay attention when he comes through because he will ask to see another menu once you’ve handed him his first completed cake. The lady in the space suit is very impatient so make sure to serve her first and tune the TV to the news channel in order to keep her happy. Here are all 18 customer types and their likes and dislikes:


    1. Versailles: Lady with the green dress and a small dog in her purse, she likes the astrology channel, is an average tipper and is not very patient.

    2. Caregiver: Grandma with the baby. She likes the nature channel and is usually in a hurry. Average tipper

    3. Mr. Plow: Man in a blue jumper that is covered with snow, likes the nature channel

    4. Bob: Alien. very impatient, likes the weird astrology channel

    5. Buffy: Punk female with yellow and green hair, likes the music channel

    6. Actor: Man in a white suit wearing sunglasses, good tipper, likes the music channel

    7. Princess: Indian lady with the long red and yellow dress, likes the news channel, is impatient and is a average tipper

    8. Agent O: Secret Agent in the black suit and wears sunglasses, likes the news channel, somewhat patient and average tipper

    9. Officer Friendly: Police officer, likes the news channel and is a poor tipper

    10. Doctor McQuty: Doctor in green scrubs, very big tipper and likes the nature channel

    11. Tiny: Samurai, always orders more than once, pretty patient, likes the nature channel and good tipper since he always buys more than one cake at a time

    12. Billy: Boy with inflatable green duck attached, likes the music channel, makes others lose patience faster, average tipper, average patience

    13. Costumed Alien: Likes the music channel, a little impatient

    14. Mortimer: Goth Boy dresses all in black with spiked hair, likes the weird astrology channel, low tipper, average patience

    15. Pingo the Penguin: Likes the nature channel, very impatient

    16. Astrelle: Woman in space suit, very impatient, always comes in with only 2 hearts, likes the news channel

    17. Crazy Cat Lady: Likes the weird astrology channels, is an average tipper and has average patience

    18. Nuclear Tech: Man covered in a yellow biohazard suit, this is the only character that does not eat cookies, likes

    the news channel and is very impatient.

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