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Check out our Tips & Tricks for NevoSoft’s hidden object sequel Mysteryville 2.

General Tips:


  • Look for items that are hidden behind other objects. When you are looking for certain objects all you may see is just a small piece of the item. For example, if you’re looking for a globe, you may only see the bottom half of the globe. For a violin you will only see the top and the bottom of the violin, while the middle part is blocked by a bigger object.



  • Some items may be hidden totally under something else and until you find that first piece, you will not be able to see it. In stage 16, for example, the goal is to find a phone. The phone will be the last object that you will be asked to find and it will not appear on the screen until you find the hat first. Once you’ve been asked to find the hat and you click on it, the phone will appear underneath it. That happens throughout the game, so pay close attention to what they are asking for at the beginning of some levels That particular object will always be the last thing to appear on the list of things to search for.



  • When you visit a room a second time, you’ll notice that the items in it have moved around to different places. If you run out of time and can’t finish that particular scene, you will be able to restart it and the items and clues will remain the same, allowing you to memorize their locations to help you beat the time limit until you get them right.



  • Hints are few and far between, so you have to decide when is the best time to use them. Once you use your first hint, it takes approximately 80 seconds for it to recharge so that you can use another one. If you have a lot of things to find and you have a limited amount of time in which to find it in, it may be best to use the hint at the very beginning. When you use the hint at the beginning, it will save you the time to look for at least one item and it will also give the hint a chance to recharge so that it may be ready for you when you start finding items at a slower pace.



  • Some items that you look for could have a double meaning. For example a spade could be a gardening tool or the symbol on a playing card, a bat could be a baseball bat or the animal. There are also a few words that some people may not be familiar with. A jerrican is a container that stores gasoline, a spanner is a crescent wrench and a dictaphone is a small tape recorder.



  • When you have to find the items by looking for their silhouettes, you have to remember that the items may not be in the same position that they are shown in. It may ask you for a flower vase and in the silhouette it may be vertical but in actuality it is laying horizontally in the scene. Some items appear rather largely in the silhouette and when you look for it, it will be very tiny on the screen.



  • Thin items like pencils, wrenches, pens and cigarettes are harder to find. Most of the time they will be embedded in the outline of something else. Look for these types of items to be on the edge of a desk, inside an open book or on the side of a picture frame. Items like bananas can be placed on some kind of yellow background so that it blends really well thus making it harder to see. Black items like binoculars and tea kettles will most likely be against some kind of dark background.



  • In the puzzles that you have to find matching pairs of something, like fruits, gems or timepieces, you have to find the same items and match them up. If you’ve been asked to "find the pairs of fruits", look for two oranges that are located in different parts of the room and click each one until they are highlighted. When both correct pieces have been highlighted they will disappear. If you don’t match the correct pieces, you can click an item twice and it will no longer be highlighted. The "tips" button will help you find the matching pieces by highlight both pieces that are needed. When you are asked to find the timepieces, hourglasses, wristwatches and clocks are all included in your search.



  • In the "Find the differences" puzzles, look for some of the less obvious things. Of course, you will be looking for things that are in one place and not the other but also look for slight differences as well. Some things that you are looking for could be something as small as something being painted a different color, or a line that is slightly shorter than another or simply a button that might be missing from a drawer.



  • There are a variety of letters and papers that you have to flip the squares around in order to piece it back together. Start with the outer edges first, you should see a dark outline on some of the squares that represents the edge of the paper. Line those up all around the edges and then work your way to the middle. Once you have all the edges in place, start rotating the pieces in the middle from left to right, top to bottom etc. Some items may already be in the right place and don’t need to be moved. If you want to check it real quick, just click your mouse right and then left, if a "glimmer" appear, then you know that the item is in the correct position so then you can move on to the next square quickly.



    Here are the answers to some of the puzzles in the game. Please stop reading if you do not wish to know the answers.

    Stage 2: Decipher the note by rearranging the letters "THE TOWN IS IN DANGER"

    Stage 6: "Divide the drawings into 2 groups according to similar characteristics" One side (all winged animals): bat, parrot, butterfly, pegasus, fly, dragon, dragonfly, duck, and pterodactyl

    Other side (all land animals): lizard, elephant, turtle, crab, cat, monkey, dog, mouse, spider. It doesn’t matter which side you place them on as long as they’re divided in these 2 groups.

    Stage 13: The word you need to unscramble spells "MYSTERYVILLE"

    Stage 20: The sentence you need to unscramble is "GATE OPEN SINNERS CONFESS"

    Stage 22: The sentence you need to unscramble is "GREAT JOB WE WILL CONTACT YOU SOON"

    Puzzle, Stage 21 "Connect the switches to disarm the bomb" you have 38 seconds to complete it. Left, right, up or down indicate the direction in which the red button should be facing.

    Row 1 down | right | down | down

    Row 2 down | left | left | left

    Row 3 down | up | left | up

    Row 4 right | up | right | up

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