FreshGames, the maker of Word Mojo and the award-winning Cubis series, will soon be releasing their latest title, ZenGems. The game will deliver 195 levels of strategic match-three gameplay tied together by compelling environments and an entertaining story.

According to the press release we received:

As Hoshiko, you are magically transported into an exciting adventure across 13 exotic and mystical worlds, striving to recover the Medallions of Virtue that were stolen from your Grandfather’s Spirit Temple. Pitting yourself against the mischievous Yama-o-Rakas, you’ve got to use creative thinking, clever strategy, and your Grandfather’s sage and often amusing advice to solve ever more devious levels. Ultimate victory is achieved when you release the Medallions and bring harmony back to the Spirit Temple. Along the way, you’ll discover truths about the worlds you visit, and the deeper meaning of why you were sent on this journey.

Other features will include:

  • 3 diverse modes of play: Arcade, Adventure, and Survival


  • 9 beautifully scored soundtracks, in Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound

  • Amazing power-ups to collect

  • Dynamic new uzzle solving mechanics

  • An amusing story of enlightenment