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Miss Management is a time management game that will leave you feeling like you know all the characters personally. There are 11 interesting employees to meet that will keep Denise, the office manager, on her toes as she tries to get all her work done. She also has to try to manage and keep all these personalities free of stress. Here are some basic tips and tricks followed by some examples of how to beat specific levels. Good luck!

The list below tells you specifically what bothers or helps certain people. This is very important, since you have to basically keep everybody in the office content so that all the tasks can get done in a timely manner. If you forget what they are, you can click on the tab on the screen that says Employees info and that will give you a reminder of their personalities.


  • You don’t have to have everybody performing the tasks at the same time. You have several days in which to accomplish them. Sometimes it’s better to do 2 things well than to do too many badly. Too many employees pursuing their own needs will short-circuit your office.



  • Have Denise go buy supplies that will fit your needs for that day. If only one person is performing all the tasks for that day buy them some of the help books in the store. They have a book for every colored folder. These are especially helpful for employees that are weak in one area. For example, buy Winston some art (orange) manuals since that is what he dislikes most. This way you can spread out the work so that Tara will not have the brunt of the work.



  • Have Denise buy donuts and coffee for the employees. If you have a day where most of the work falls on one person, make sure that they don’t stress out. The donuts will bring down their level of anxiety, while the coffee will make them work faster.



  • If you are trying to save a large amount of money as part of the assignment for the day, learn what makes certain employees relax. Let them go do it until their stress level goes down. This will let Denise accumulate cash flow while keeping everybody stress-free. Mahavir likes to sleep on the couch, if the thermometer above his head is getting red, let him go to the couch for a few seconds and then bring him back to do some work.



  • Cinnabuns are very useful near the end of the game, especially in the tricky levels where key employees tend to stress out ( Like level 28) You can keep a very stress-prone employee happy for a long time with just a few cinnabuns, but you have to have good timing! Don’t use them when the employee is at low stress, but don’t wait until it’s too late either!



  • Diet soda is really helpful in levels where you have to move a lot of tasks and power-ups very quickly. For example, Denise has to give Brooke all the assignments for one day. You have to make sure that Denise can deliver all the papers quickly, get cinnabuns fast and keep everyone happy at the same time. If you don’t have the speed that the diet cola gives her, you will not be able to finish on time and Denise and everyone else will stress out (and that is not a pretty sight)



  • Denise gets more and more stressed as tasks pile up. If she gets too stressed, the day’s over and you’ll lose all the progress you’ve made. Make sure to send employees back to their desks to handle tasks before things get out of control. Alternatively, buy a brownie that you can send Denise to eat if it looks like things are really out of control.



  • If you’re sure you know which tasks you want an employee to work on, you can stack a pile up for them to handle while they’re away doing something else. Most of the other activities in the office help relieve employee’s stress, so usually they’ll be refreshed and ready to tackle them when they return to their desk.



  • Goals where Denise needs to talk to another employee at the watercooler can be quite difficult, it’s times like these that using coffee and help books to speed up other working employees can make all the difference.



  • Keep an eye out for levels where a useful employee is sitting right near something that helps them de-stress. This is a really useful setup, because you can give that employee a lot of work, then get them right to their relaxation location without a long walk in between.



  • The store and the power-up shelf are both locations that Denise has to walk to at the top of the screen, quite far away from her desk. If you have to send Denise to pick up a power-up, check your budget and see if you might be able to combine the trip with a dash out to the store as well. It will save time.



  • If you’re on a level where you need to turn the air conditioner or the radio on and off a lot, try using an employee who sits right near those devices to do it for you. The walk is much shorter.



  • If someone has to visit the bathroom frequently in one day, let them do it back to back so you can finish that task quickly. If you space it out too much, you may have to start all over again the next day.


    The first thing you need to know is what every employee likes and dislikes, what makes them relax, and what annoys them:



    Office manager, can carry tasks and office supplies to employees’ desks

    Relaxes by: Making sure overdue tasks get worked on

    Likes: Helping people achieve their goals, she will eat brownies but not the donuts

    Dislikes: Getting in trouble for too many overdue tasks



    Just OK at everything, a jack of all trades, master of none

    Relaxes by: Napping on the couch

    Likes: Flirting with the ladies

    Dislikes: Other people on his couch and the smell of stroganoff



    Great at art tasks (orange folders), average at writing (purple), bad at everything else

    Relaxes by: Drawing at the whiteboard

    Likes: Being alone and art markers

    Dislikes: Talking to people and Mahavir’s laziness



    Good at Financial tasks, dislikes art tasks

    Relaxes by: Making microwave beef stroganoff

    Likes: Getting work done

    Dislikes: Co-workers goofing off



    Great at writing, average at technical stuff

    Relaxes by: making herbal tea at the watercooler and bathroom breaks

    Likes: Kombucha Mate (drink) and music

    Dislikes: Other people hogging the bathroom, smoking and Air Conditioner



    Good at everything except writing

    Relaxes by: Eating popcorn and smoking (but prefers smoking)

    Likes: Lecturing people

    Dislikes: Air Conditioner, music and anyone goofing off (except Mahavir)



    Good at art but terrible at everything else

    Relaxes by: Freshening up in the bathroom

    Likes: $$$, eligible bachelors and shoes

    Dislikes: Other people hogging the bathroom, smoke, Air Conditioner and music



    Good at technical tasks (blue), average at financial and purple, bad at orange

    Relaxes by: Playing videogames

    Likes: Air Conditioner and music

    Dislikes: People messing up his equipment



    Knows a little bit about everything but is only so-so at everything

    Relaxes by: Drawing whiteboard diagrams

    Likes: Giving motivational speeches, pep talks and office supplies

    Dislikes: Other people messing up his whiteboard and femininity



    Excels at writing and financial tasks, average at technical tasks and bad at art tasks

    Relaxes by: Smoking

    Likes: Air Conditioner and Crushing people’s dreams

    Dislikes: Anyone having fun (sleeping, chatting, exercising or music)



    Great at all kinds of tasks

    Relaxes by: Working out at the treadmill

    Likes: Multi-tasking and coffee (mainly the choco-cafficino)

    Dislikes: Employees being unproductive

    *Brooke is Winston’s sister and CEO of Conkling Associates International


    Here are some suggestions specifically for levels 25-30. Keep in mind that there are more ways than one to finish these levels. This is what worked for me and you don’t have to do them in this order. I played the game twice and sometimes it was better to reverse the order of how I did things. For example, in level 28, the first time I played I let Brooke do all the work and Winston got stressed. The second time Nadine got stressed and Winston did not. So you have to adjust your gameplay accordingly. Good Luck!


    LEVEL 25


    -Earn $70.00 to meet budget goals

    -Let Brooke do more work than anybody else for one day.

    -Let Winston play on the arcade machine for 90 seconds

    -Only Winston can do technical tasks (blue) for one day

    -Denise has to listen to Nadine boast about her qualifications by the watercooler for 60 seconds.


  • Give Brooke the majority of the tasks. Let Winston play on the arcade while Brooke works. Make sure you keep plenty of cinnabuns for Brooke because she will get annoyed that Winston is playing games. This way you get rid of 2 tasks in one day.



  • Earn $70 by not buying any supplies and spread the work amongst all employees. If Brooke starts to get stressed, let her get on the treadmill and work it off. Same goes for any employee that is turning red. Let them go do whatever makes them relax and then bring them back to finish working.



  • Leave Nadine by the watercooler and Let Denise come to her in between making deliveries. Let Winston handle all the blue folders. Buy cinnabuns and stock them in advance so that they will be available when you need them. It’s better to have the cinnabuns ready than to have to waste time by going to buy them.



  • Finish listening to Nadine boast and do extra tasks.



    LEVEL 26


    -Earn $85 to meet budget goals

    -Brooke has do 40 tasks

    -Denise and Winston talk by the watercooler about company problems for 70 seconds

    -Mahavir talks to Brooke at watercooler for 70 seconds

    -Brooke stays on the treadmill for 100 seconds



  • Leave Brooke on the treadmill until the 100 seconds are up. Don’t take her off until she’s done because there are approximately 120 seconds that day. Buy lots of cinnabuns for Nadine because she will stress very easily



  • When Brooke gets off the treadmill put her back at her desk quickly so she can get a little bit of work done before the day ends. This will help you achieve some of the 40 tasks that need to be done by the next day.



  • Give Brooke most of the work and make sure she has plenty of cinnabuns and choco-cafficino. The coffee will help her get her work done quickly and the cinnabuns will keep her happy.



  • Leave Winston by the watercooler so that he is available for Denise when she can sneak a few moments to chat with him.



  • Brooke may have about 10 tasks left so let her finish.



  • Leave Winston at the watercooler so he can finish speaking with Denise.



  • Nadine gets stressed about people being at the watercooler so give her coffee and cinnabuns to keep her happy while she works. Do the same for Mahavir.



  • Buy Denise some brownies and diet cola so she will not get stressed and so she can get everything done quickly.



  • Leave Nadine over by the Air Conditioner so she will not stress herself out.


    LEVEL 27


    -Earn $100

    -Ashley and Nadine chat at the watercooler about fashionable shoe stores in Monaco for 70 seconds

    -Ashley and Denise talk by the watercooler about how big a 4 carat diamond ring really is.

    -Nadine wants to be on the treadmill for 90 seconds.

    -Brooke on the treadmill for 120 seconds


  • Leave Brooke on the treadmill



  • Let Nadine and Ashley talk by the watercooler, but watch Nadine because her stress level will rise. When her level rises take her to the air conditioner to cool off.



  • The treadmill and the money task will be accomplished if you let the employees relieve stress instead of buying them food to calm their nerves,



  • You can use money earned to buy food for the employees in order to boost morale.



  • Let Nadine and Ashley finish talking



  • Spread the work out.



  • Leave Nadine on the treadmill until her time is up.



  • Leave Ashley by the watercooler waiting for Denise.



  • Give employees the tasks that give them the least amount of stress.



  • Make sure Denise talks to Ashley as long as she can without letting too much work pile up.



  • Leave Ashley by the watercooler waiting for Denise



  • Keep giving Denise brownies and soda so that she can do her work and finish talking to Ashley. She needs the speed in order to delegate tasks and get back to the watercooler. The brownies will keep her stress level down while work piles up



  • Denise can earn the $100 by making sure the employees go do the things that help them relax. Don’t buy them food.



  • Finish the rest of the tasks that are left.



    LEVEL 28 (Everybody’s Favorite)


    -Denise has to earn $115 to meet budget goals

    -Brooke has to be the only one to do all the work for one day

    -Winston has to do all the blue tasks in one day

    -Nadine has to do all the green tasks for one day, without anyone stressing out for 1 day.

    -Mahavir has to chat with Denise by the watercooler for 60 seconds

    I played this level twice with different results. Here are two examples of how I did it.



  • Day One- Let Denise earn her money first, this will make the rest of the tasks easier. She will earn the majority of her money on this level. Keep your employees that don’t stress out so easily and let the other ones get all the way stressed. For example, I let Nadine stress out because she gets frustrated very easily and it takes too many resources to keep her happy. So give her a lot of work to earn money for Denise and then let her leave. Spread the rest of the work to the employees that handle certain tasks well.



  • Day Two-Let Winston and Nadine handle the blue and green tasks respectively. Make sure not to give those colors to somebody else or you will have to start one or both the next day. You can accomplish both of these in one day or you can spread them out to 2 days. By this time Denise has finished earning her money and you can use that to buy food for everybody to keep them calm.



  • Day Three-Let Brooke do all the work for that day. You should have plenty of money to buy supplies. Fill up your inventory with cinnabuns and coffee to keep Brooke working quickly and to keep her happy. You can let someone stress out if you want. It will not go against Brooke. I usually let Nadine go because she’s too high maintenance.



  • Day Four-All you have left to do is let Mahavir chat with Denise by the watercooler for 60 seconds. It’s OK to let someone stress out as long as it’s not Denise. You should buy 2 or 3 brownies and some colas for Denise. At the beginning of the day, have your supplies. Take Mahivir to the watercooler. Let Denise hand out three tasks and then go join Mahavir at the watercooler. Let them stay there without interruptions for 30 seconds straight or until the thermometer on Denise’s head is half-way red. As soon as it get to half red let her run and get a brownie, a soda, delegate some work and stand with Mahivir and repeat the process again of giving her the brownie. You will not have more than six folders pile up on the desk at one time.




  • Day One-Give Brooke all the work to be done. Make sure you give her plenty of cinnabuns and coffee. You have to give her cinnabuns first and coffee last. You have to bring down her stress before you can give her speed. Make sure you give it to her as quickly as possible to keep her momentum flowing.



  • If someone starts to stress, primarily Nadine or Winston make sure you send them to the air conditioner and arcade respectively.



  • When Denise is keeping Brooke supplied with cinnabuns and choco-cafficino, make sure Denise gets her soda before she gives Brooke her food. You will need for Denise to have speed because you have to reach Brooke before she stresses. As soon as you come out of the store, click the soda and then the cinnabun quickly, give it to Brooke and go back and get the coffee. Then make sure you get as much work to Brooke as possible before you repeat the process all over again until the day is finished.



  • As soon as Brooke’s red thermometer is halfway red start walking towards the store to buy supplies. Your money is going to be very tight on this day so make sure you spend on Denise and Brooke. I also clicked the desk, even if there were no folders waiting to picked up in order for Denise to pick up the folders faster.



  • Don’t leave Nadine too long at the air conditioner because this irritates Brooke and makes her temperature rise. You may not have enough money to buy Nadine a snack that will to keep her from passing out so keep her back and forth between the air conditioner and her desk.



  • Day Two: Let Winston do only the blue tasks for that day, and let Nadine do all the green task for that day.



  • Leave Brooke on the treadmill as long as possible and when her stress level is low, send her back to her desk to help with the other 2 colored folders that have to be done. Before you start, you have to make sure who gets what so you don’t get confused. If you give one person one wrong folder, you will not be able to finish that task on that day and you will have to start all over the next day.



  • Give Mahavir some donuts or cinnabuns to keep him calm and working.



  • Day Three: Let Denise work and earn the $115.



  • Let employees go to relaxing locations instead of giving them food so that Denise can earn her money.



  • Day Four-Leave Mahavir at the watercooler so he can chat with Denise ( Follow instructions concerning this day on the "Easiest" Day Four above.


    LEVEL 29


    -Make $100

    -Crank up radio for 120 seconds

    -Let Brooke stay on the treadmill for 150 seconds

    -Timothy has to complete 25 art tasks

    -Nadine and Denise chat at the watercooler for 90 seconds


  • Day One: Let Tim stand by the radio for 120 seconds. Spread the work out evenly to the employees and give them what they do best. Since I couldn’t afford too much food, instead of cinnabuns I bought more donuts instead. That way I could have more to go around. I made sure Denise had enough soda to keep her energy level up.



  • Day Two: Leave Brooke on the treadmill the whole day. Let Nadine do some work and then let her stress out.



  • Day Three- Buy some orange books for Timothy so he can complete 25 art tasks. Make sure he gets plenty of coffee and cinnabuns to keep him going. He may not finish all on this day so let him continue on the next one.



  • Day Four-If things are getting stressful you can let Brooke off the treadmill to help with tasks and then let her return to the treadmill. Timothy should be finished with the art tasks at this point. Once he’s finished all 25 of his art tasks you can go ahead and let him stress out at that point so you can concentrate on finishing the day.



  • Day Five-Let Denise make the $100 goal for the day. Keep everyone happy and let Nadine stress out.



  • Day Six-Denise can finish making the money. Leave Nadine standing by the watercooler so she can chat with Denise. Make sure to let people stress out but leave your best employees to the majority of the work. Have 2 brownies on hand for Denise, for when she gets half way red. Denise can stand at the watercooler for a while until she has to get the brownie but you have to time it just right.( you can reference level 29 -day four-the "easiest" to achieve this)


    LEVEL 30

    Assignments (8 days to complete):

    -Earn $125 to meet budget

    -Brooke cannot use the treadmill or the couch and can’t eat or drink for a whole day

    -Brooke has to stay on the couch for 200 seconds

    -Winston and Denise have to chat at the watercooler for 90 seconds

    -Winston has to have the radio and the air conditioner on for 100 seconds without anyone stressing out for that day


  • Day One- Leave Brooke at her desk all day without moving. Leave everybody at their desk, except occasionally move Mahivir to the couch so he can relax. Space the work out evenly. If you’re short on money buy donuts instead of cinnabuns, it will keep more people happy. At the end of this day Brooke’s task of not doing anything for the whole day will be complete. You should also have less money to earn towards your $125.



  • Day Two-Let Brooke do a little work first, as soon as her first sign of stress shows up let her go sit on the couch for as long as she can. You will not be able to complete the whole 200 seconds on this day, you will have to do it on the next one. Let Mahavir stress out while Brooke is on the couch. Mahavir doesn’t like it when people are on the couch so thus it will be too hard to keep him happy.



  • Day Three-Finish earning the money and let Mahavir stress out so that Brooke can complete her 200 seconds on the couch. (But let her go back to work temporarily if work starts to pile up.)



  • Day Four-Let Brooke finish on the couch. Some employees will stress out, let them. Brooke’s goal does not require that nobody stresses out.



  • Day Five-Brooke should be finished on the couch. Let Brooke stress out and then turn on the radio on and the air conditioner. Spread the work out. Don’t give Nadine too much, she may look like she’s about to stress out but she will not because the air conditioner will keep her from doing that.



  • Day Six-Let Brooke finish earning the money, if you still need to. Leave Winston by the watercooler so he chat with Denise. (Follow steps in day 28 "Easiest" Day Four in order to achieve this.



  • Day Seven-Let Winston and Denise finish talking by the watercooler.


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