It’s Friday, which means it’s time for Gamezebo’s weekly Casual Games News Wrap-Up. This week has been fairly quiet, perhaps because folks have been distracted by the imminent launch of a certain phone that will remain nameless.

Gamelab launches a new and improved website, tells us something we already knew (that the games industry is worth big bucks), and Gamasutra ponders the question of whether games have to be fun. Plus a couple of neat interviews.


  • Merscom’s Casual Games Available for $.01/minute

  • Game advertising to exceed $2 billion by 2012

  • CMP Game Group releases first-of-its-kind “Game Developer Census 2007”

  • Welcome to the new


  • Who Says Games Have to be Fun? The Rise of Serious Games


  • PopCap’s Jason Kapalka talks Xbox Live Arcade and big publishers entering the casual games space

  • James C Smith of Reflexive Entertainment discusses the upcoming block-breaking game Ricochet Infinity