In Dream Day Wedding, you were the best friend working behind the scenes to make sure the wedding of your friend Jenny’s to her beau Robert went off without a hitch (pardon the pun). The story of Jenny and Robert continues in Dream Day Honeymoon, where the new couple travels to a tropical beach paradise and you get to relax and read postcards as Jenny searches for the perfect souvenirs to take home.

Like all hidden object games, the goal is to find specific objects on a list in various rooms, which is often not an easy task since the rooms are filled with all kinds of clutter. Specifically, Jenny is looking for souvenirs as she enjoys her honeymoon. You’ll be searching exotic locations like the Honi Lookout, Pa’ani Beach, Maluhia Bay, as well as the various rooms of the Oberon Hotel (a sly reference to the game’s creator) where the couple is staying.

A couple of things set Dream Day Wedding apart from other hidden object games: it had a branching story, and a humorous presentation that ran with the wedding theme in a few funny and unique ways. I’m happy to report that Dream Day Honeymoon continues both trends.

The story, once again, is like a choose-your-own-adventure where you get to decide what happens next. For example, Jenny and Robert discover a strange-looking tiki idol on the beach. Do they ignore it or pick it up and take it with them?

In the first game, you also had to deal with wedding crises like the bridal bouquet being destroyed by a swarm of ladybugs. In this game, honeymoon crises will arise, like Robert’s wallet falling into the water during a boat cruise, which means Jenny and Robert have to don snorkeling masks and scour the bottom of Maluhia Bay before the infamous Leather-Eating Eels of Kohu’ole return at sundown. (Whenever there’s a crisis, items shift from their normal positions and are therefore harder to find.)

In each round of the game, Jenny has to find a certain number of souvenirs in a few different rooms. She only has to find most, not all, of the souvenirs to complete the stage. If you get stuck, you can call upon Cupid (who’s wearing a colorful Hawaiian lei around his neck) to shoot an arrow at one of the objects to reveal its location. You get a limited number of these Cupid clues, but can earn more by finding and clicking on bonus Birds of Paradise in each area.

Perfect Match, a bonus game that you get to play at the end of certain rounds, also makes a return in Dream Day Honeymoon. This time, the memory matching game features vacation-themed cards like tropical fish and seashells. Each correct answer advances a airplane further along its path, and eventually you’ll unlock a First Class plane tickets for Robert and Jenny and a bonus level to play.

If you were a fan of the first Dream Day Wedding, then you’ll appreciate the fact that Dream Day Honeymoon offers more of the same. The story follows literally from where the first one left off, and the gameplay is also quite similar. However, in the time we spent with Dream day Honeymoon it didn’t feel at all stale.

Thanks to an exotic new setting with new locations to scour and new items to find, combined with an energetic story with plenty of twists, the game also look to be able to satisfy the hunger for something new. And even if you haven’t played the first game, it’s easy to jump right into the story of Robert and Jenny. Just download it and see for yourself (once it comes out).