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Check out our Tips & Tricks for Profitville:

General Tips

The trick to Profitville is all about your reaction time. How well you do in the game is determined by how fast you can look between the conveyor belts and the boxes. A good mouse is also a plus.

You can select multiple items on the conveyor belts simultaneously, which is useful for filling up more than one box at a time. For example, if you have two boxes that can each hold three teddy bears, you can select six bears and put them in both boxes as you click one after another. This can save time if you’re pressured and have many of a particular item.

This is particularly useful when you start a level or when you have a lot of empty boxes. If you see a lot of one item on the belts, select all of them at once, then click on all the boxes for that item until you run out. It’s a good way to clear out the board.

Another trick to use is to wait until you have all the boxes filled on the screen before you ship them out. They will all link together and form a big chain. You get a lot of bonus money for this, and it can make it easier to place things afterwards since you get a fresh new screen of empty boxes. If you are quick enough, you can do this without missing anything and you’ll get the most out of your time.

Broken Items

If you have time, it’s always better to use the repair machine then just recycling the broken items. After all, more items you ship, the more money you make! Only use the recycle when you have no choice, and then make sure you grab several that would be a threat so you don’t have to worry about them falling off. Never use the toolbox unless you have several broken items on the screen.


This is a fun tool. As you put items into it, the value of another on a belt increases by a whole lot. Do this several times to get a very valuable product and then you will laugh all the way to the bank.


This one can be fun, but it’s expensive to use. The only thing to really keep in mind is when you finally use it, make sure there are nothing but empty boxes for it to fill. You’ll get the most from it that way.

Other then that, it’s all up to you and your speed. Just pay attention and don’t worry that you’re not being paid for working in the shipping rooms.


This is a list of all the trophies in the game you can earn:

  • Box Master – You get this by getting a 10x box combination.
  • Employee of the Month – Win 20 levels in a row.
  • Master Performer – Beat a stage with higher then 170% profit.
  • Junior Packer – After you have packed 50 total boxes, you are awarded this trophy.
  • Prize for perfection – To win this trophy, you must beat 20 different levels without making a mistake.
  • Master of Repairing – If you beat a level and not recycle any of the broken items, repairing all of them, you win this trophy.
  • Half Millionaire – This is awarded when you (of course) reach half a million dollars!
  • Grand Shipping Master – To win this one, you must pack every box available in a level.
  • Packer Master – This one is given when you win a level without placing just one item in any box.
  • Survival Star – Beat all levels in survival mode with a five star rating in each one.
  • The key to Profitville and various stage trophies is that stage awards a level after completing it. Once you complete all stages you are awarded the key to the city!

    And as a final piece of info, throughout the game there are hidden golden “Mythpeople”. If you find all of them, something special might happen!