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Fizzball is a simple game to understand, but it can be tricky to master the best methods to play. In this guide, I will try and help you with the tricks that I discovered that best helped me in play.


When you first start out, your ball is quite small and can only pick up small objects. In order to pick up larger things like animals, you need to help your ball grow. You can do this by picking up acorns and fruit. The larger your ball gets, the more you can pick up and the harder your ball hits breakable objects like crates and fences.

First shot

Once you put the ball into play it keeps going until you win, or you lose a ball. So you starting shot can really set in motion how well you do. There are many things to look for when you are lining up your shot;

Food crates

When you first start out, your ball is quite small and can only pick up small objects. In order to pick up larger things like animals, you need to help your ball grow. You can do this by picking up acorns and fruit. If you can break open a food crate early then you can pick up all the food and help get your ball growing as fast as possible. Keep in mind, if you haven’t picked up anything yet, it takes three hits to break open a crate. So if you start out aiming at a food crate, make sure you can keep it there.


Take a look at you’re your play field is laid out. A lot of fences and crates will be angled in a way that your ball will bounce in a different direction. A good trick is to use these angles to get your ball up behind a lot of the breakable objects so it will just bounce around for a long time breaking everything it can. Try and line up your shot to achieve this.


This is something I personally like to do when I can. Butterflies are hidden all over every level. If you pick up enough of these then you get an extra ball. It’s easiest to get these tiny things when you can aim straight for them. Plus it is small enough to pick up before anything else. So your ball will start out larger since it has picked up the butterfly. I use this to help get my ball as large as possible, as fast as I can.


After your first shot, it’s game on! Remember that your bumper is angled. If your ball hits on the left side of the bumper, it will bounce left. If you can catch it straight in the middle it will bounce straight up. Once you get used to this, you will be able to aim your shots a lot better to hit specific things.

You want to get your ball to grow as fast as you can. The thing I like to do is aim for butterflies or trees. This will get you all the small items you need to start picking up animals. You will also be able to break through barriers faster this way. Another trick I like is the ducks. The baby ducks can be picked up after you grow just once (By picking up a butterfly or an apple or something) and there are at least three of the baby ducks with the mother.. the mother can be picked up after the baby ducks. So if you hit them early on, you will most likely get all at once and you’ll have a large ball!


During play, if you use the right mouse button, your fans will turn on. They will blow the ball away from your bumper. You can use this to get into tight areas easier and to keep your ball in play for longer combo points.

Combo points

You can rack up a huge amount of points in a level by picking up animals in a row without the ball touching your bumper. This can be done well with clever use of the fan. Just keep the ball up as high as you can to pick up a lot of animals. Use the fan to aim where the ball is going. If you can pick up the Unlimited Fan power up, you can get massive amounts of points on any level.


There are many useful powerups in the game. Here is a list of them and what they do.

Ball enlarge

This will enlarge your ball one step. This is only really useful early in a level, so if you see one, try and grab it!

Ball Magnet

If you pick this item up, then as you ball bounces around the screen, any item it is capable of grabbing will be sucked towards it. This is very useful if you have a lot of food and smaller animals littering your field. Your ball will grow VERY fast if it’s small.

Sticky Bumper

This powerup makes it so if your ball hits your bumper it will stick and you can re-fire it as if you were just starting out. Use this to hit those pesky animals you just can’t get at.


This item will give you two shots of the Destruct-O-ray. The Ray will destroy any box or fence in a line and also shake food out of every tree on the field. Use this to clear out hard to reach areas and pick up lots of food.

Rock Ball

Picking this up allows your ball to plow through any destructible item without bouncing off. You can clear a lot of the field by using this properly with the fan.

Speed up (Rabbit)/ Speed down (Turtle)

Both of these can be good or bad. Use them wisely.

Wacky Weather

This will make lots of food rain down from the sky. Use this early on to help your ball grow faster.

Bigger/Smaller bumper

This will increase or decrease the size of your bumper to make it easier or harder to catch the ball.

Unlimited Fan

This will give you a certain amount of time to use the fan as much as you want. Use this to rack up huge combo points and to clear out jammed areas.


There is a whole collection of achievements to get as you play through Fizzball. Some are easy while others seem to be impossible. Check out the achievements screen to look through each one and find out how to get it. Try and collect them all!