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Cradle of Rome can be a tough game once you pass the halfway point. So, here are a few tips to help with your resource-matching, city-building attempts.

  • Three tiles will get you a match, but four or more will earn extra resources.
  • In order to make it to Olympus before the game ends, you need to work quickly to build Rome so don’t dawdle. Finish each level as quickly as possible.
  • In general, start making matches at the bottom of the screen first. As you create combos below, others will be generated above without extra effort on your part.
  • On levels with chains, try to create matches that break the chains first. Then move on to other combos.
  • Use bonuses as soon as they’re replenished. Otherwise, you loose the benefit of additional matches.
  • If you’re near the end of a level and you have time, fill up available bonuses before completing the last match. Then you can use that bonus on the next level if needed.
  • Sometimes tips are not enough. In those cases, tricks come into play. Here are a few to employ if you “really” need to cheat a bit. In the Cradle of Rome directory you’ll find a file named Profiles.xml that you can edit. Make a copy of it before making any changes so you have a backup. Now, open Profiles.xml with Notepad. Find the line near the top where it says where “NAME” equals your user name (“<” and “>” begin and end each line of code). On the second line below this make the following changes. Please note that I’m using — and — to set off the text to be changed.

  • The text — Last life=”X” — (“X” equals the current number of extra lives) can be changed to increase or decrease your available lives. Want 10 extra lives? Change it to read — Last life=”10″ — to make the increase.
  • The text — level=”XX” — (“XX” equals the level you previously completed) can be changed to get past a particularly difficult level. So, if level 61 is giving you fits, change the text to read — level=”61″ — and when you restart the game, you’ll be on level 62.
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