Take it from yours truly, a happily married man: There’s nothing more stressful (although happily so) than planning your impending nuptials.

Thankfully for all you swinging singles out there, it’ll soon be possible to get in a little practice courtesy of Dream Day Wedding, arriving just in time for Valentine’s Day from Oberon Games.

Your job: To spot hidden items sneakily blended into gorgeous-looking backgrounds cluttered with random objects, meaning the action’s also quite similar to everyone’s favorite road trip time-killer, I Spy. Collect a bizarre selection of items – e.g. bears, hats, hamburgers, Ferris wheels, etc. – at florists, caterers, jewelers and other appropriate hotspots by clicking on them during each scavenger hunt, and you’ll successfully help plan your best friend Jenny’s big day.

Where the title differs most from like-minded outings, though, is in the theme and setup. Per usual, you’ll sift through photos of possible locations to visit, each of which contains a given number of items that must be found before time runs out. (And, of course, count towards a set quota you must meet.) Only here, they’re disguised as snapshots in a wedding album, backed by matrimonial hymns and bolstered by the on-site presence of mood-setting props like flowers and rings. Bluebirds – a sign of wedded bliss – are also hidden throughout every destination you’ll visit, which unlock anniversary bonuses when found, and award a special treat if you snag 50.

Helping further add atmosphere is the presence of lovey-dovey bonus games. For example, Perfect Match, a straightforward diversion in which you flip over cards in hopes of matching two pictures, can be beaten to collect items that let you unlock a tropical honeymoon level. Choose a Story, on the other hand, is like an interactive version of Mad Libs. Clicking on plot developments (e.g. when she woke up that morning, Jenny: 1. headed to her teaching job 2. went running or 3. saw something strange) lets you literally show how the starring couple’s romance blossomed. Last but not least, there are additionally Wedding Crises, which task you with finding items under truly tight time constraints.

As if you weren’t feeling romantic enough, even the hint system – you get up to three to split between each album page’s passel of stages – mirrors the title’s central theme. Click one of these lifelines, and Cupid actually shoots an arrow at an object you’ve yet to tick off the current checklist. Interestingly, as a preview build reveals, item lists are randomly generated and, of course, you’re free to decide how Jenny’s tale unfolds. The upshot being that no matter how many times you play, it’s always possible to enjoy a unique and potentially enchanting experience.

Of course, the final product should prove fairly challenging. Although appropriate for all ages, even the most eagle-eyed players are likely to find themselves stumped once in a while. Clicking randomly won’t help your cause either: Do so often enough, and time’s actually subtracted from the already ticking clock.

All things said and done, we anticipate big things from the game when it finally ships – what little girl doesn’t grow up dreaming about being swept off her feet and donning that frilly white gown? The bottom line being this: Whether or not Dream Day Wedding proves a smash hit commercially, we’re still confident it’ll leave audiences swooning.