Word game fanatics who flipped over Flip Words — HipSoft’s addictive casual game that can best be described as Boggle meets Wheel of Fortune – will love what the company has done with its upcoming sequel, Flip Words 2.

Even if you haven’t played the original, Flip Words 2 is a fun, challenging and feature-rich word game that is easy to pick up but hard to put down.

The premise of the game remains the same as its predecessor: players are presented with a board of randomly-placed letters and you must use your mouse to click adjoining tiles so that they create a word of at least three letters. You can connect any touching letters, be it vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Points are awarded, but the amount varies on the letter value (Z is worth more than A, for example) and the length of the word (C-R-Y will net you a mere 275 points, but COUGH is worth 750 points).

Along with racking up points, your goal is to guess what a phrase is at the top of the screen. Like the game of Hangman, you’ll see an underscore for where the letters go, separated by a space to indicate a new word.

Therefore, _ W _ L _ _ _ _ H _ _ _ R _ may be A WALK IN THE PARK.

You will begin to fill in letters when the words you create on the game board begin with a letter in this phrase (so, spelling PIECE will cause the P in PARK to appear). At any time you can buy a vowel or click the Guess button to see if you can correctly guess the phrase. Players have a limited number of turns to use up before guessing what the phrase is, but can build up the Extra Turn Meter by selling words, which adds more to total number of available turns.

While playing, you’ll see special tiles appear such as ones worth double or triple points, should you be able to spell a word with them. If you get stuck, you can click the Shuffle button to swap around the letters.

So you never run out of phrases to solve, Flip Words 2 lets gamers download new phrases at any time, or you can have the game do so automatically as soon as new phrases are available. Another bonus: you can change the graphic and music theme with a click of a button, such as Balloon Ride, Galaxies (space), Zen (tranquil), Garden, and others.

Three modes are accessible from the main menu: Classic (as described above), Strategy and Party Mode. In Strategy, the goal is still to make words to solve phrases, but you every word you guess costs a token from a limited number of them; you must solve the puzzle before you get to zero. Spelling long words will earn you additional tokens at the end of the level. Party Mode is a cooperative multiplayer game, where you can log onto the Net and play with up to 3 other players, each contributing to the letters in the phrase by making words. You can also text chat with others while playing. Connecting with other players is a snap: simply click Join Now and you’re thrown into a match. Or you can select friends from a list.

Flip Words 2 looks to be a winner for word fans in search of a fun and addictive puzzler with seemingly unlimited replayability. Revisit Gamezebo for a full review.