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  • We predict we’ll be seeing a lot more sequels over the next few months as the Holidays approach. This week, Mahjong Fortuna 2 and

    Ancient Tripeaks 2 were released. Next week. . . you’ll see.

  • Ciaa Bella is number 3 best selling game on Big Fish Games this week.

  • For the longest time, our friends at Logler.com’s Top 10 Casual Games List did not show Virtual Villagers as #1 when based on our non-scientific observation skills, it was #1 everywhere. Finally, it’s number 1 on Logler.com as well, so we present you, the most recent Logler.com Top 10 Casual Game List. If you want to get really “crazy” (as Gnarls Barkley would say), check out the Game-Sales-Chart World Map, detailing the Top 10 Sales on 17 different casual game sites!