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What’s Hot

  • Atlantis – Sky Patrol launches on Big Fish Games and *surprise * surprise * lands at #3 on their Top 10 List.

  • Shockwave releases the download version of Q*bert, an oldie but a goodie. It’s not a brand new title, but I have to give it shout out my favorite arcade game I used to play at the Putt-Putt Arcade as a kid (the other was Millipede, when is that going to be remade?). Keeping in the retro theme, Retro-64 released this week Bugatron Worlds, an excellent re-make of Galaga.

  • ArcadeTown just released Marion’s World, a new Web-based massively multiplayer casual game. Marion’s World features good-looking people and cars, and no dragon slaying. It’s a neat game with thousands of players online, though when I checked it out, no one was speaking English. In fact, I think everyone I encountered was speaking a different language. We’re beginning to see more of these type of Web-based massively multiplayer casual games pop up and Gamezebo will tell you about the more interesting ones as we play them.