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What’s a Glyph you ask? An Egyptian hieroglyph, a Western astrological symbol, and now, a hit puzzle game from Sandlot Games. Check out our Tips & Tricks for Glyph:

General Strategy Quest Mode

  • Start from the top! You can find yourself stuck very quickly if you disrupt groups at the top of the board because you matched stones at the bottom. Work your way from top to bottom to maximize the number of matches you can make. This strategy is also important after using a Stone Sorter artifact.
  • Observe the layout of levels and plan accordingly. Levels with few matches, spreading Obsidian, or fast timers all require a different approach.
  • Find the fragment. Once you find an edge of a fragment, it will likely connect to the entire fragment. Focus on making matches there to beat a level. Sometimes you need to make matches in other sections of the board to bring the useful matches into the right place.
  • If you’re running out of time, try to make matches quickly. Even if the matches don’t help you beat a level, they’ll add time to your timer -more so if you cluster them into large groups. A single match of 6 Guardstones will refill your timer much more than two matches of 3 Guardstones.
  • Use groups of “broken” Guardstones to boost the power of an artifact and save the ones that help you dig for when and where you need them.
  • Using Artifacts

    • On most levels, you’ll get the artifacts that you need. But not all artifacts are equally useful. If you get one you don’t need or want, use it right away so you don’t waste “Boosts” on it. Repeat until you get the artifact you want.
  • Artifacts are most effective when they’re boosted to the maximum. Always try to boost an artifact before using it.
  • Destructive artifacts are useful only against obstacles like obsidian or spreading obsidian.
  • Flash bombs are the only artifact that can destroy Solid Rock. Drop artifacts until you get one.
  • Maximize the usefulness of an artifact by being aware of their radius of effect. Sometimes a Color Spread or Flash Bomb artifact can have the effect you need without requiring you to boost their power!
  • Color Dissolve is the most “thrown away” of the artifacts. But in later levels it becomes critical for clearing the way for more useful colors of Guardstones.
  • Dealing with Obstacles

    • Obsidian. In some levels, obsidian stones will appear as you play. Generally these aren’t much trouble and you can let them pile up a bit before you need to get rid of them.
  • Spreading Obsidian. Get rid of any obsidian stone that can spread as quickly as you can. In some cases, waiting to boost an artifact may get you stuck without any moves left!
  • Solid Rock. No stones above solid rock will fall to the spaces below until you’ve destroyed the Solid Rocks. Use a Flash Bomb to destroy them, or wait and see what Spreading Obsidian can do it.
  • General Strategy Action Mode

    • Be careful when you use artifacts. If they’re in the destructive radius of other artifacts, you’ll wipe out some very useful tools.
  • Gold. If you see a single gold stone, chances are good that there’ll be more. Make it your goal to destroy stones that separate the gold stones both horizontally & vertically.
  • Pillars & Extract: hold the pointer over these artifacts to see what stones will be destroyed when you click. If you wait, you can choose different stones for destruction. In fast moving levels, there’s no time to wait!
  • On levels that move extremely fast, artifacts like “Column Break” and “Pillars” become less useful. Focus on keeping the stack as low as possible with powerups like “Extract”, “Flash Bomb”, and “Row Break”.
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