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The most popular place to buy coffee aside from Starbucks is the restaurant run by Emily. Check out our Tips & Tricks for Delicious Deluxe:

  • Prepare shakes (in blender) first when handling orders. Shakes take a while and you can prepare other orders while shakes are being blended.
  • The quicker you serve food and drinks, the happier the customers will be — and the more tips you will earn.
  • Give chocolates to customers just before they play. This will make your customers happier at the moment they take their money out, resulting in bigger tips.
  • Keep your tables clean. If not, customers will not sit down and leave.
  • The more customers that pay you simultaneously, the more money you’ll earn.
  • If you have served a table, walk back to the counter to be ready for the next customer
  • Emily has a good memory, so you can click on several things in a row. For example, click item, customer and cashier right after each other.
  • Listen to the sounds, which will tell you whether a customer orders, or asks for a bill.
  • Place more orders at the same time on the tray
  • Some customers have more patience then others. For example, the business lady can’t wait but the tourist can.
  • The business lady and the grandmother give the best tips. Keep them happy! Give them lots of chocolate.
  • Sometimes it’s better to have a customer wait for the bill and clean tables first when necessary, because it’s better to have an impatient customer then customers walking away because there is no clean table.
  • Clean a table while seated customers are thinking of their order. The time it takes to clean is about the same as the time it takes them to think.

  • Groups of people sitting at a large table bring in more money than one person sitting at a small table. Make big groups and large tables are happy all the time.
  • You have time to make an order while cookies bake in the oven, start your cookies and then make the coffee to save time.
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