Mom plays more than Junior. The secrets to the success of Luxor, Mahjong Quest, and Fish Tycoon. More free games and ads. Check out the latest news coming out of Casuality:

  • They say that people play casual games for up to 15 minutes at a time. Turns out, it’s more like 20 hours per month according to a new study released by Trymedia. Stop playing games for a moment and learn more about how you play.

  • The developers of Luxor, Mahjong Quest, and Fish Tycoon provided the real story behind how they developed these hit games. Find out more about by reading the Postmortems.

  • Ads here, ads there, ads are going to be everywhere. Both Microsoft and Real Arcade talked to us about how they plan to offer more free game play supported by ads. Here is a C-Net article about Real Networks’ plans.