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  • It feels like 100 degrees in San Francisco, the US just got kicked out of the World Cup, and I’m stuck home waiting for the cable guy. Still, I most persevere and tell you What’s Hot in the world of casual games. Simple answer: Teddy Factory, Big Kahuna Reef 2, and Diner Dash 2.

  • Casual role playing game Aveyond

    has come out of no where to hit #6 on Big Fish Games. Come back next week to see our review of this innovative game.

  • Our friends at Logler.com continue to churn out each week their Top 10 List

    using their secret methodology. Next week, we are off to Casuality, the conference for casual games in Seattle. We’ll be reporting LIVE so when anything new and exciting gets announced, you’ll hear it at Gamezebo first.