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Check out Gamezebo’s Tips & Tricks for The Da Vinci Code game.

  • Be sure to use your Hammer wisely – you want to make sure you have enough when you encounter blockers or other game play challenges (such as Silas!).

  • Use the Blacklight to see the direction of the path – matches made toward the middle or end of the path will make traveling easier later on.
  • The Hammer can destroy *any* token on the game board, not just blockers.
  • If you are having trouble finding a match, use your Scramble power up on the HUD.
  • The Flashlight is a useful tool for dark areas of levels.
  • Don’t use your power ups wastefully…you want to make sure you have the tools you need in levels with challenging game play elements.
  • Watch out for the chance to Match-5. Super Tokens can be really helpful.
  • Be patient with the Super Potion. Wait until it displays the token type in the middle that will best help you.
  • Super Potions are also a great way to increase your Power Up meters on your HUD.
  • Some Sweeper Tokens do not fall directly on the path. Clear matches below the Sweeper so it falls on the path you’d like to clear. Use your Blacklight to view the direction of the path before clicking on the sweeper!
  • Torches and Cauldrons can also be removed by utilizing the hammer. This is effective when they are in the way of a path.
  • If you have trouble finishing certain levels, chose the Yellow Path for an easier challenge.
  • Don’t get nervous when Silas is chasing you, you will match less effectively!
  • Make sure to click on available Power ups such as the extra time Clock and extra life Heart to increase your success in play.
  • If you finish a level with multiple paths you may revisit the later to explore the paths you skipped and add to your high score.
  • If you become frustrated with any Cryptex or Jigsaw puzzle in the game you may skip them – they are not required to finish the Story Mode in the game, but they are required to win the game 100%.
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