Oh no! The Queen’s Hope diamond, on loan from Britain’s royal family, has been stolen while on display at the Piazza Gallery in Capital City.

Because of your success as a master detective in Mystery Case Files: Huntsville, Big Fish Games’ mega-popular crime thriller, the FBI tapped you to help find the mammoth 800-carat blue jewel and apprehend the crook.

With 20 suspects to investigate, each with a sketchy past, this isn’t going to be an easy task.

Introducing Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects, the next installment that looks to be bigger and better than its acclaimed predecessor. And don’ worry – you don’t need to know anything about Huntsville to sink your teeth into Prime Suspects.

So we at Gamezebo put on our special sleuthing hat and donned a magnifying glass to bring you – our valued reader – an early look at what to expect when this downloadable diversion debuts in cyberspace later this month.

Prime Suspects offers four main kinds of puzzles to solve, but the core game-play involves visiting various indoor and outdoor locations to hunt for clues and establish alibis for each of the suspects. You do this by clicking a location on the Capital City map – such as a deli cart, psychic room, junk yard, or hospital – and then carefully scouring the location with your mouse to find items listed on the side of the screen.

For example, you may be tasked with finding objects such as a hammer, billiard ball, three fishes and a stapler – but these items will be cleverly hidden in the environment (such as finding a skeleton rib that is placed on a car grill so it blends right in!). Each location has dozens and dozens of items to comb through and find; you may have to visit locations more than once so you’ll be asked to find different items each time (which also contributes to the game’s replayability).

To add some suspense and tension to your mission, you only have a limited amount of time to find items in a location. And if you click on incorrect items, it may take time away from your clock. If you’re stuck, you can also get a clue or two, but you only have a few to use up so you’re going to want to use them sparingly.

Prime Suspects also adds additional elements into the mix, such as finding a little yellow battery to power a flashlight for dark areas, finding a key to unlock a room or using a X-Ray machine to see through walls.

In total, there are 29 different rooms to visit with extra bonuses awarded to those savvy enough to get near the end of the game (sorry, our lips are sealed).

Once you solve a few puzzles – and some don’t require you to find every listed item per location – you’ll be able to head to the Crime Computer to analyze evidence. This kicks in other game types such as playing a Concentration-like memory challenge (by matching flipped tiles), conducting word searches for country names or swapping puzzle pieces to recreate a photograph. These added game types keep things fun and fresh.

As with Huntsville, Prime Suspects is also laced with humor. For example, the history report on the psychic says the madam was sentenced to four years in prison for planting a human tongue in a bowl of chowder at a fast food restaurant. “Even though the fish chain was finally vindicated, the scam caused terrible profit loss as customers were afraid to eat food that could taste itself” says her case file. Ha!

SO, whether or not you’ve played Mystery Case Files: Huntsville, be on the lookout for Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects as it looks to be a fun, challenging and fresh game to help unleash your inner detective.