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Third Eye Crime: Act 1 Review

Apr 24, 2014

A game. There’s always a game. On this particular night, rain spattering against the window so hard you’d think the big man upstairs had a score to settle, it wasn’t just any old game, however. This one, she was something special; the kind of game that grips you in a thrall, turning minutes into hours. The kind of game you know might be trouble, but which coyly beckons you to follow it into the wee hours of the morning. The kind of game where you know better, but say “yes” anyway. 


Third Eye Crime: Act 1

All cinematic asides aside, Third Eye Crime is definitely not your run-of-the-mill mobile title. The self-styled “game noir” offers a refreshing take on top-down stealth mechanics, all while bathed in a gorgeous graphic novel aesthetic and accompanied by a smoky jazz soundtrack that will have you, too, concocting monologues in your head. Be warned, though: sometimes you’ll be tearing your hair from atop it as well. 

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The Other Brothers Review

Apr 4, 2013

Before they ever hit the App Store, well-meaning mechanic siblings Joe and Jim had already been on quite the adventure. A valiant but failed Kickstarter campaign introduced them to the world, but left them with an uncertain future. Meanwhile, public fallout between the game's creators and close collaborators dotBunny put the poor duo in the middle, faced with the prospect of languishing in legal limbo forever.

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Dungeon Hearts Review

Apr 4, 2013

In what is a sentence that I'm about to have taken wildly out of context from this point onwards, the “match-3” sub-genre shares a key similarity with the works of William Shakespeare. That being: it's at the focal point of people's obsession with “reinvention.” In the same way you'd be hard pressed to go watch a performance of Hamlet today without hearing about the bold choice to set it in a dystopian future or the wild west, each new jewel, orb, or color-matching release comes complete with a twist. 

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Nimble Quest Review

Mar 28, 2013

With Nimble Quest, NimbleBit had nothing to prove, but a lot to gain. Earlier releases Pocket Frogs, Tiny Tower, and Pocket Planes had cemented the indie trio as masters of time management, and a studio to watch. That their next title would be a quality release was almost a foregone conclusion. And yet, from the earliest leaks to the most recent footage, this game stuck out as the biggest departure yet from the company's tried-and-true compulsion loop. A chance to show that NimbleBit wasn't a one-genre wonder. A chance I'm very glad they took. 

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5 Amazing Android Games You Can Only Get on PlayStation Mobile

Mar 22, 2013

PlayStation Mobile is a peculiar beast. It was announced all the way back in 2011 as PlayStation Suite, and toiled in no-man's land for another year and a half until Sony dusted it off at last summer's E3. In the months that followed, the console giant eked out more details, hyping the service up as a grand partnership between themselves and Android, which would bring a whole new breed of awesome, casual experiences to fans of both brands. Since the service's formal launch in October, however, things have been, shall we say, somewhat less than awesome. 

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Haunted Hollow Preview

Mar 21, 2013

There must be something  spooky in the water at Developer HQ (editor's note: this may or may not be an actual place). Just last week, former console veterans High Voltage Software made their App Store debut with the adorable, Halloween-esqe Le Vamp. And as if recovering from cute vampires wasn't hard enough, veteran studio Firaxis (Civilization, XCOM: Enemy Unknown) announced today that they're joining the fray with a new iOS strategy game positively packed with cartoony creatures of the night. When will the fun-filled horror end!?

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Legend of Dungeon Review

Mar 20, 2013

One of my favorite parts of Legend of Dungeon comes right at the beginning of a fresh round. Emerging from the video game aether through double doors at the top of the screen, your pixelated hero or heroine descends a stone staircase into the hearth of a cozy tavern. A fire crackles invitingly in the corner, adventurers of all stripes mill around the common area, and apples and ale line two central tables. It's here, for the first and last time in the game, that I feel totally safe. 

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Nimble Quest Tips: 5 Ways to Master NimbleBit's New Game

Mar 19, 2013

Unless you've spent the last couple months in a remote jungle, or given up Gamezebo for Lent (how could you!?), then you've almost certainly heard about Nimble Quest. Part cellphone classic Snake, part SNES RPG, it's the latest bite-sized concoction from the trio over at NimbleBit, and one of our most anticipated games of the year. Until recently, we'd been feeding that anticipation entirely with gameplay clips leaked by company co-founder Dave Marsh. Then we got our hands on the beta.

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Scurvy Scallywags Preview

Mar 19, 2013

When news spread that respected designer Ron “Lovable Curmudgeon” Gilbert had left his post at Double Fine to pursue unnamed passion projects and vague future opportunities, I'm not going to lie: I didn't believe him for a second. With The Cave having reaped rave reviews from all the most storied publications, it seemed more likely that Gilbert had taken the instant millions that come with positive press and run off to his own private Monkey Island. Upon further inspection of a recent post on his GrumpyGamer blog, however, it seems that there might actually be something to his claims of “toiling away.” And to think, I assumed that was just code for “rolling around in piles of unmarked dollar bills.”

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Ridiculous Fishing Review

Mar 14, 2013

If you’re reading this, and you haven’t downloaded and played Vlambeer’s Ridiculous Fishing, it means that you’ve lived a joyless life since it hit the App Store last night. If by some chance you’re stumbling across this in the days, weeks, or - let’s not think about it - months following the game’s release, and still don’t have it on your phone or tablet, you have a dangerously large fun vacuum you need to fill. And if… Okay, let’s just put it this way: you have absolutely no excuse not to purchase and play copious amounts of this game. Unless you’re reading this hundreds of years in the future on a supercomputer in a post-Earth colony. And even then, you’re on thin ice.

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