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David Stone

Monster Mouth DDS Review

Aug 25, 2011

You think you hate going to the dentist? Try being one! Most of your patients would really rather not be seeing you, and they’ll likely eat you whole while you try to throw bombs in their mouths, or swat the bats that come out. At least that’s what Monster Mouth would have you believe. It’s got the fun gameplay to back up the premise, but is an experience that ends far too quickly.

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Riot Rings Review

Aug 18, 2011

Part of a game’s challenge is simply learning to play it on any given platform. When Zuma came out, the hardest part was using the mouse, keyboard or game controller to rotate the frog shooting the marbles to exactly the right angle before firing. But what if you could just tap exactly where the marble was supposed to go? Would it still be fun, or would it be too easy? Riot Rings addresses this problem by taking the basic Zuma formula and adding so much to it that you forget that the issue was there in the first place.

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Shoot The Birds Review

Aug 15, 2011

It’s tough reviewing a game like Shoot the Birds because there’s a weird battle going on in my brain about content versus gameplay. Typically, the gameplay tends to trump all other aspects of a game, with solid presentation, story and achievements rounding out the package. Shoot the Birds gives us solid mechanics and decent presentation to be sure. But there’s just something about the content that’s really bothering me.

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Aces 3D Brick Breaker Review

Aug 12, 2011

The assignment arrives in my inbox, as my editor tries to get me excited about another Breakout clone to review. Not that they’re bad, but it’s hard to do something really different and fun. With a heavy heart, I load up Aces 3D Brick Breaker. By the end of level two, I’m already excited. And if you’re into block-breaking titles, you should be too. Aces 3D Brick Breaker is that rare creature that claims to be different and actually is!

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Tap Tap Glee Review

Aug 8, 2011

More an expansion pack than a real full-fledged title, Tap Tap Glee is just what fans of the TV show may have been clamoring for – assuming the albums, DVDs and the previous iOS title Glee Karaoke didn’t quench their Glee thirsts. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the game at all, but the timing of its release is a bit suspect. And with other, better titles in the series, Tap Tap Glee is really more for Gleeks than the rest of us.

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Gesundheit! Review

Aug 2, 2011

Warning: The following review is kind of gross. Not hugely so, but just enough to give you pause. If you’re willing to push past the initial “yuck” factor you’ll find it to be worth reading, because it’s talking about Gesundheit!, a game with the exact same qualities.

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Zombie Gunship Review

Jul 28, 2011

There’s very little that tops slaughtering a whole army of shambling zombies. But is it fun when you can deal that death – well, re-death – from way in the sky through a thermal camera? Zombie Gunship proposes yes, but whether you agree is a different story.

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Dream Track Nation Review

Jul 27, 2011

One of the harshest criticisms any gamer can level at a game is, “The level design stinks!” The best games answer those armchair designers with the ability to use their tools and see what they can do. Some of the greatest games, particularly in the first-person shooter category, stemmed from those home-grown efforts. Dream Track Nation also allows you to create your own tracks, and gives you a good set to try, but falls over itself a few times in an attempt to be great.

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Ant Raid Review

Jul 22, 2011

If you were partying with your friends and all of a sudden someone came along and sprayed the room with a noxious chemical turning your friends into evil, mindless zombies, what would you do? Gang up on your friends and beat them into oblivion, of course! Well in Ant Raid, that’s what you’re up to. Thankfully, beating up your monstrous ex-friends has never been more fun.

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Happy Theme Park Review

Jul 19, 2011

A social game with a good theme, Happy Theme Park is, sad to say, like riding a roller coaster after eating a big meal. Sure you’ll have fun, but it might get a little messy.

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