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Sleepwalker's Journey Review

Nov 16, 2012

11 Bit Studios is best known for Anomaly: Warzone Earth, an RTS game released on portable platforms as well as PC and consoles. The game focuses on strategic warfare that puts players in the trenches of an all-out alien invasion. To call Sleepwalker's Journey -- a game that drops the battlefield in exchange for a pleasant dream world -- a departure is an understatement. Is this game the dream that players hope for, or is it a nightmare despite its pleasing look and feel?

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Stormfall: Age of War Review

Nov 13, 2012

Most gamers that consider themselves experienced or hardcore dislike casual titles like those found on social networking platforms. The complaint is often that they are too simple or shallow and don't offer enough challenge. Yet it seems like gamers should be thankful for these types of titles, as they introduce a new crowd of people to a concept that would otherwise be foreign to them. Stormfall: Age of War, for example, sports the graphical style one would expect from a game aimed at the most serious of gamers. Does the play style hold the same or is this a beauty that is only skin deep?

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Sci-Fi Heroes Review

Nov 7, 2012

What's more beloved than an awesome sci-fi flick? The best kinds come with a great balance of action, adventure, storytelling, and a little sense of humor. Sci-fi fans know the importance of poking fun at the genre that they love so much. As entertaining as it is to argue the scientific intricacies that could make our favorite fantasy elements a reality, it sounds pretty ridiculous to anyone outside of that world to listen to. Sci-Fi Heroes understands that and aims to bring a great balance of humor and believable sci-fi environments to its players. But does it get the geek factor, or miss its mark?

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Air Patriots Review

Nov 5, 2012

Mobile and social games present developers with a unique challenge. Since many of the games are simpler and less expensive to make than major console or PC titles, it's hard to charge much. At the same time, no one expects developers to give everything away. You have to make a profit somehow, which is what brought about the less-than-beloved practice of in-app purchases. Handy for developers and often deplored by players, it's something that we've all learned to live with.

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Letterpress Review

Oct 29, 2012

The technological advances of the past few years have provided us with console-esque graphics on mobile devices. That’s amazing, and generally just a stunning sight to look at. But it has, similar to the development of console and computer games, spoiled us. We often turn to those as the shining examples when in actuality, the best displays of the system are in simplistic, creatively designed titles. Looking at Letterpress doesn't reveal much, but it makes up for plenty when you start playing it.

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Vote For Me Presidential Election Review

Oct 26, 2012

It's election season for politicians across America as they battle to be the representatives of their constituents. It's always election season in the App Store--games and apps of all sorts vie for a position at the top of the chart, earning them even more attention from other potential supporters. Not unlike politicians, some apps just want to give the people what they want, whereas others are after the money of their supporters. If only we could elect Om-Nom from the Cut the Rope franchise; now there's a guy I'd give money to.

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Twist Pilot Review

Oct 24, 2012

Zynga made its name with some twists. In the case of its biggest hits, this often meant just twisting the name of an existing game or tweaking a gameplay element to make a new product out of something that came before. The ailing powerhouse in social and mobile gaming platforms has since expanded to a stable of published content, much of which offers more outside-the-box play. Isn't that a twist.

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Fantasy Conflict Review

Oct 15, 2012

When a show or a movie gets popular, it's always interesting to see the impact that popularity has on other mediums. Inspired interpretations, cheap knock offs... the list goes on, but the trend never fails: when something blows up, everyone does their best to capitalize. Of course, that isn't always a bad thing. 

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Polara Review

Oct 11, 2012

Things may be different for the latest generation of youth, but for children of earlier generations, seeing Tron was a momentous occasion. It lent credibility to everything that was beloved for them. Gaming wasn't a waste -- it was training for delivering the ripe justice that would someday need to be laid upon enemies and rivals. It also made neon seem cool, for whatever that's worth. 

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Age of Myth Review

Oct 3, 2012

Life as a god must be pretty great. The whole "all-knowing benevolence and unmatchable power" thing is a pretty sweet gig. Today, gods generally get along pretty well (though the same can't always be said of their followers!). Anyone familiar with Greek mythology can tell you things in the godly realms weren't always so great though. Wars amongst the powerful figures were common. Yet there may be no battle in the mythos as brutal as the one depicted in Age of Myth. This Athenian era fighter will have you playing the role of a hero in Zeus's army. But is it a heavenly fit on your mobile device, or does this title belong in the netherworld?

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