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Build-a-lot: On Vacation

Walkthrough for Evergreen Woods

NOTE: These walthroughs will not always get you super efficiency. Evergreen Woods is levels 1-4.Lv. 1 - 2 Harvests, Own 3 Cabins, Rental Income $3,0001. Harvest 2 tree lots for 100 materials2. Sell the remaining tree lot3. Build 2 cabins on the empty lots4. Upgrade 2 cabins to 2 stars, and the other..
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Putting together the posters

On either side of the entrance to the Circus Tent, there are frames for posters -- these posters are in pieces and you have to assemble them to get inside the tent. The posters actually do NOT confirm to the shape of the frame, both are oblong in shape, with a white border.
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Fallen: The Flowers of Evil

Room 13 door puzzle

I wrote again the puzzle solution with a correction - you can find it in the Forum. So if you use my solution and works leave a message for me to know. Thanks.
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Mission Against Terror

Here's a helpful tip for newbies.

Here's a tip for new players: your mailbox icon flashes whenever you have a new item in it, so don't forget to check it. It's easy to forget it sometimes and then your items sit there and expire, so don't waste them. Also, get into a clan as the game is heavily community oriented. It will make your..
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Cake Mania: To The Max!

Trophy List

See List of Trophies under "Forums"The reason I'm sending you there is that I've included a lot of detail as to what I've achieved and question why certain trophies were not awarded for very similar upgrades.Anyway, please go to the Forums for Cake Mania To The Max and you will see my post about..
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Let's Create! Pottery

Pottery for Ipad tip

All you do is create the tallest pot you can, then fire it. Shape doesnt matter.Add a decoration (the hole in the middle one works well)Colour it in, all 1 colour though.Select the egyptian brush that looks like an arch on a bridge, and cover the painted pot with that. I like to start on the bottom..
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Fallen: The Flowers of Evil

Room 13 puzzle

Will number columns and lines each 1-9L = line, C = column l = left, r = right, u = up, d = downFor example L1 2xl means move line 1 2 times leftSo:- L4 2xr, L6 2xr, C4 2xd, C6 2xd, L1 2xr, C4 2xd, L1 2xl, C6 2xd, L4 1xr, C4 1xd, C61xd, L6 1xr- L8 1xl, C4 1xd, L8 1xr, C4 1xu, L8 1xr, C6 1xd, L8 1xl,..
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Abandoned: Chestnut Lodge Asylum

Hidden Object Tips for Abandoned Chestnut Lodge

Use your imagination on a few of the items rather than spend ages trying to find that which is not there. For example, the clue "comb" means a brush; a "bicycle" is actually a tricycle and my favorite that I spent more time than I should to figure out that a hummer (tried the harmonica, whistle and..
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The Croods

Getting as far as possible for free

Use as few gems as possible, even in the game intro, dont use the gems, except to level up the berry tree to "24". This will give you enough gems to buy the bearowl trap.To have an owl/bear is not essential, but it does make coins.The next creature that costs gems to catch will be the landwhale..
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Crashed Lander

A few tips from Crashed Landers' dev

Howdy and thanks for playing Crashed Lander. Here are a few tips that might help you get started,1) Hard mode is hard. Amost QWOP-like difficulty. Try flying with AutoPilot on for a bit to get a feel for the gravity and physics of the game.2) With AutiPilot off, your best bet it to 'Float and Nudge'..
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