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Zynga shares the love, begins promoting partner games to its players

May 2, 2012

In a press release unleashed into the wild yesterday, Zynga head of platform partners Rob Dyer led the announcement that the social gaming giant will be flexing some of its (not inconsiderable) promotional muscle on behalf of partners using its growing Zynga.com platform.

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After their announcement as a Zynga Platform partner, Mob Science raises $1m in seed funding

Mar 27, 2012

It’s easy to picture Zynga as riding on some sort of money train, and recently, they started letting third-party developers board that train as well, courtesy of their Zynga Platform partner program. Allowing partners to put their games on Zynga.com, the program seems like a good way for devs to get increased visibility and taste a little more cash themselves.

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Zynga.com public beta is now live

Mar 6, 2012

Last week Zynga shared some pretty exciting news with us – they had announced the upcoming launch of Zynga.com, their own destination for social play. But while all you could do last week was read about it, this week you can go hands on and try it yourself! As of this morning, Zynga.com is now available to the public in beta status.

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Zynga’s social gaming platform introduces a new way to play

Mar 1, 2012

Back in October, Zynga announced an upcoming social platform for games codenamed Project Z. Today Zynga has let us know what players can expect from Project Z – now officially known as Zynga Platform – and it’s a pretty substantial offering. After seeing the service first hand, there seems to be little doubt that Zynga Platform should become an instant hit with both gamers and developers alike.

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