1910 expansions rides the rails in Ticket to Ride Pocket

Feb 23, 2012

Leave it to Days of Wonder to address every single one of our complaints about Ticket to Ride Pocket. In our initial review, we lamented the game’s total lack of online multiplayer. Then, three weeks ago, they wowed us with an update that did one better – it introduced asynchronous multiplayer (aka push-based play). Now it looks like they’re addressing our other big grudge with the iPhone version; it’s lack of downloadable content.

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Ticket to Ride Pocket gets asynchronous multiplayer

Feb 2, 2012

We’ve made no secret of our love of board games on mobile devices here at Gamezebo, and Ticket to Ride? It’s one of the absolute best. At least, the iPad version is. The iPhone build, better known as Ticket to Ride Pocket, seemed to be missing a little too much from its big brother to be held in quite as high esteem. At least – it did until now. Days of Wonder have just announced that thanks to the game’s latest update, Ticket to Ride Pocket finally has online multiplayer – and it’s even better than you might expect.

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Ticket to Ride Pocket Review

Nov 16, 2011

If you’re thinking that Ticket to Ride Pocket is simply a shrunk-down version of the iPad adaptation of Ticket to Ride, you’re dead wrong. Well, you’re sort of wrong. Or maybe you’re sort of right. Ultimately, it’s hard to qualify this as a port of its bigger cousin because, while the base components feel identical to the glorious iPad edition, Ticket to Ride Pocket has been stripped down so much that it doesn’t really count as the same product.

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