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MoMinis, mo’ platforms: game firm offers assistance in porting games to mobile

Jun 28, 2012

Most developers like to be on as many platforms as possible, but doing so isn’t always a feasible endeavor. There’s a need for money and resources, along with the concern that the port won’t perform well enough to provide any sort of return. It’s a dicey situation, and one that MoMinis, a mobile game firm, is looking to assist in. If you’ve developed a game for PC or another platform, they’re looking to aid you with bringing it to smartphones and tablets. 

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New Horizons: Zynga adds live multiplayer to Bubble Safari, takes Ruby Blast multiplatform

Jun 26, 2012

For fans of Zynga, today continues to be a pretty great day. Amid the hooplah of their “Unleashed” press event, the social gaming big dog has announced new partnerships, promised new games, and revealed new entries in their classic series. Making sure not to leave their existing players in the dust, however, the house that Pincus built went on to announce some new features for things you might be playing right now.

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Creative convergence is the biggest game trend of 2012 so far

Mar 16, 2012

Yes, I just made that term up. Actually, the biggest buzzwords from walking the halls of the Game Developer Conference (GDC) are freemium and free-to-play (“f2p”) which apparently are two technically different terms but to me mean the exact same thing. Every company plans to release games that are free to play to start, but encourage purchases to keep playing. Some vocal players may gripe, but they are in the minority since games are making a lot more money with freemium than any other model out there.

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