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iSwifter to stream PC Games to mobile devices

Mar 5, 2012

In some cool GDC week news, we’ve just learned that iSwifter is extending their cloud-based streaming platform to allow developers to bring PC game to iOS and Android devices. The company has been bringing Flash games to iOS since 2010, but have found a way to scale up their operation so that PC games can also make the jump with minimal fuss. iSwifter operates in a similar manner to OnLive and Gaikai, with the games running on iSwifter servers and players inputting commands on their device.

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iSwifter adds Google+ Games support

Sep 1, 2011

If you’re a fan of Facebook gaming and you happen to own an iPad, iSwifter has been a must own app for a few months now. A streaming service not unlike Onlive or Netflix, iSwifter has made Facebook gaming possible on the iPad despite Apple’s lack of support for Flash. Now the folks at iSwifter are starting to think about the future – and it’s a future that includes Google+.

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iSwifter 3.0 brings Facebook gaming to the iPad

Jun 1, 2011

iSwifter is a product that’s undergone some fascinating changes since its inception last year. Designed to allow iPad users to appreciate the wonders of Flash, version 1.0 offered up a successful, if less than stellar proof of concept. 2.0 tightened things up and added much more content for iPad users to consume. But 3.0? 3.0 is the real game changer.

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