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The Hunger Games Adventures missed its release date, but there’s no clear answer on why

Mar 26, 2012

You couldn’t go anywhere over the last few weeks without hearing about The Hunger Games. From non-stop TV ads to countless articles to seemingly everyone you know chatting about it, anticipation for The Hunger Games movie hit epic proportions. It was like the last episode of Seinfeld, the Superbowl, and the moon landing all rolled into one.

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The Hunger Games (the game) coming to the iPhone and iPad

Feb 16, 2012

With The Hunger Games being the next big thing to hit the movie screen since Twilight and Harry Potter, it was only natural to assume an iOS game would be in the works as well.

What’s interesting is who will be developing it. According to a post on his blog, Adam Saltsman (developer of Canabalt and Gravity Hook) is currently developing The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire.

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The Hunger Games are coming to Facebook

Feb 1, 2012

With a feature film on the way, developer Funtactix has announced that it will be releasing a social game based on the popular Hunger Games franchise.

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