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The digital revolution is coming: Sony acquires Gaikai

Jul 2, 2012

There’s a lot of talk about the digital future of gaming, but it’s not an easy concept to pin down. It could mean the ability to download any and all games released, but the size of some titles would make that a difficult sell. Alternatively, there’s the potential of streaming titles over the internet. There are problems with that too, of course, but Sony’s recent acquisition of Gaikai shows they have faith in the concept. 

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Gaming’s New Challengers: Samsung and LG bet big on cloud play

Jun 5, 2012

The dust has settled on Day 1 of the E3 show floor and on each of the big console players’ presentations. Gaming websites are ablaze with debate. Who “won” the perennial contest for most impressive slate of titles? Was Nintendo’s press conference rife with awkward dialogue (okay, there’s not debate on that last one)? Hidden amid the usual chatter, however, are the announcements of a couple new players looking to make a splash in the industry. And by the way: they make phones and TVs.

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Gaikai brings console quality games to the social world

Apr 12, 2012

What would you rather do: harvest corn, or chainsaw a zombie in the face? Yeah, us too”, Gaikai boldly claims. While the intensity of this question is pretty much nullified by the fact that Dead Rising 2 is advertised directly alongside Farming Simulator 2011, Gaikai’s new Facebook streaming app will allow even the most casual gamer to delve into hardcore PC and console titles.

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Gaikai wants to make MMO demos easier for creators and players

Mar 19, 2012

Player acquisition costs in MMOs are often through the roof, as publishers can spend millions in online ads with little turnaround in player count. Gaikai, the makers of a game streaming service that allows you to play full games in your browser, is looking to change that.

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