Big Daddy's Creations talks taking board games digital [interview]

Feb 20, 2012

Board games have become big business on the App Store – and I’m not just talking Monopoly here folks. The niche board gaming market has exploded on touch screens in recent years, with everything from big names like Carcassonne and Catan to obscure gems like Food Fight and Timeline. And Big Daddy’s Creations might just know this market better than anyone else.

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Caylus Review

Jan 21, 2012

It’s exciting to be a board game fan and touch screen owner these days. It seems that with every passing day, more and more game makers are getting on the bandwagon and releasing digital versions of their new board games on the iOS devices. When Elder Signs hit stores, the digital version hit at almost the same exact time! That being said, it’s nice when they give older games some love as well. Enter the worker placement “classic” Caylus.

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