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Chop Chop Ninja TV show moves into production

Oct 11, 2013

The wheels of television production might take some time to turn, but they turn all the same. Back in March of 2012, Gamezebo broke the news of a partnership between Montreal-based developer Gamerizon and the Canadian television network TELETOON that would result in a series of cartoons based on the Chop Chop Ninja universe. Now, 19 months later, more details have emerged.

Chop Chop Ninja Challenge will be a series of 39 shorts, each one and a half minutes in length, featuring four characters “as they compete in individual challenges that test their skills,” says the official press release. It’s being developed alongside fellow Montrealers Sardine Productions.


Looking for something a little more long-form? Don’t worry – we’ve been told that a full-length series is in development with TELETOON as well. You can expect to see Chop Chop Ninja make the jump from phone to TV sometime in 2014.

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Angry Birds animated series coming Fall 2012

Apr 2, 2012

It's nice to know that some things in this fast-paced world of ours will never change. Specifically, wherever there's a hit video game, a cartoon adaptation is never far behind. ("Do the Mario!") Not only will we be seeing a Chop Chop Ninja cartoon before too long, but over the weekend, Rovio announced that an Angry Birds cartoon is in the works.

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Gamerizon announces Chop Chop Ninja animated series [interview]

Mar 27, 2012

The annual Game Developer’s Conference took place in San Francisco earlier this month, and as always, dished up a whirlwind of game announcements and other exciting news. One studio that happened to be on hand was Montreal’s Gamerizon, better known as the team behind the popular Chop Chop series. They were there to show off their upcoming sequel Chop Chop Ninja World, but while chatting with Gamezebo, there was another announcement they were keen to let us in on. As it turns out, a Chop Chop Ninja cartoon series is in the works for the Canadian cartoon network Teletoon.

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Pac-Man making his grand return to television

Feb 29, 2012

My childhood, it returns.

Avi Arad and Disney XD have just announced that Pac-Man will be returning to television in the upcoming series Pac-Man: The Adventure Begins. The cartoon will showcase the ghost-chomping yellow ball and his buddies as they brave the perils of... high school. That’s right, we’re getting an adolescent Pac-Man who is probably more concerned with finding a prom date than munching the cherries before they vanish, but it’s better than nothing, right?

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Cut the Rope animated short makes its debut

Dec 9, 2011

As I write this, it’s a Friday afternoon. But I can’t help but feel like it’s Saturday morning. Why? Because today seems to be all about cartoons! First Zynga debuted A Very FarmVille Christmas. Then I received a very friendly reminder that the Where’s My Water cartoon will be debuting online in early 2012, And NOW, ZeptoLab has just unleashed the first animated short featuring lovable little Om Nom from Cut the Rope.

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Where’s My Water? to get animated web series

Nov 16, 2011

A few weeks ago, we posted up a behind the scenes video about Disney’s mega-popular iOS game Where’s My Water?. In it, Senior Game Designer Time Fitzrandolph said they were “trying to come up with new characters and new worlds that are worthy of Disney, but start as a game first.” Sounds like someone at Disney animation was on board with his sentiments, as the company has announced that Swampy will be starring in his own series of web animations in 2012.

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Hector: Badge of Carnage may get animated feature

Oct 5, 2011

Detective Inspector Hector might be a raunchy British grump, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been great fun to play with. Now it looks as though the star of the point and click adventure series Hector: Badge of Carnage might be expanding past his gaming roots and starring in an animated feature.

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