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Your Turn! 6 Essential Asynchronous Games for Mobile

Jun 28, 2012

If there’s one thing the mobile platform has done, it’s bring about a multiplayer revolution. Gone are the days where I have to suffer through my friends’ taunts (or smells!) while going head-to-head. Okay, it’s more than that (though let’s be honest, we all knew that smelly friend). 

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Ticket to Ride Pocket gets asynchronous multiplayer

Feb 2, 2012

We’ve made no secret of our love of board games on mobile devices here at Gamezebo, and Ticket to Ride? It’s one of the absolute best. At least, the iPad version is. The iPhone build, better known as Ticket to Ride Pocket, seemed to be missing a little too much from its big brother to be held in quite as high esteem. At least – it did until now. Days of Wonder have just announced that thanks to the game’s latest update, Ticket to Ride Pocket finally has online multiplayer – and it’s even better than you might expect.

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