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FTL: Faster Than Light Walkthrough

Apr 3, 2014

FTL is a spaceship command strategy game with rougelike elements by Subset Games. Gamezebo’s strategy guide will give you all of the tips and tricks you’ll need to brave the void of space and defeat the incredibly difficult closing chapter of the game.


FTL: Faster Than Light

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Evil Genius Online Review: Everybody wants to rule the world

Apr 1, 2014

To be blunt, Tears for Fears got it wrong. I wouldn’t want to rule the world in its current state. It’s just too much hassle. Now if I could do it in the style of a James Bond villain, well, that’s a different story. Evil Genius Online helps you do just that, assembling an army of henchmen and an array of cool gizmos fit for global domination. It’s all done with a wink, helping elevate what is otherwise a pretty average social game experience.

If that opening paragraph gave you thoughts of Gru from the first Despicable Me or the Monarch from Venture Bros., you’re on the right track. That’s if you didn’t play the original Evil Genius, the PC game released back in 2004. In any case, Evil Genius Online gives you an abandoned government silo, an ambitious assistant named Penny Foxworth and a couple of Minions to get your career as a criminal mastermind underway.

Evil Genius Online

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Evil Genius Online Walkthrough

Mar 31, 2014

Evil Genius Online is an online strategy game from Rebellion. Gamezebo’s quick start guide will provide you with some tips and hints to brave the skies and last as long as possible in this punishing arcade experience.


Evil Genius Online

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Bridge Constructor Review: London Bridge is falling down AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT

Mar 14, 2014

Bridge Constructor by HeadUp Games is a bridge-building mobile game that lets you exercise your physics prowess. It also offers a strong, important reminder: Not everyone is cut out for building bridges. It's OK for a bridge to fall apart on your screen, but in real life, smiling sheepishly and shrugging while cars plummet into ravines simply isn't acceptable.

So, if you don't know anything about engineering, is it still worth giving Bridge Constructor a go? Sure it is. The game challenges you to build serviceable bridges. There's no need for them to pass any hoity-toity government inspections. If the whole shebang collapses but the cars driving across manage to outrun the destruction, the point's still yours. No jail time!

Bridge Constructor

Each level of Bridge Constructor offers up a gap that must be bridged (it turns out an earthquake has shaken all the world's previous bridges to dust). Your supplies include concrete gates, girders, cables, and plain old wood. 

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Bridge Constructor Walkthrough

Mar 13, 2014

Bridge Constructor is a bridge building / physics game from HeadUp Media. In this game, you use different materials to build bridges that must be stable enough to support the weight of trucks and cars.  Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you build bridges that don't cause too many casualties.

Bridge Constructor

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Out There Walkthrough

Mar 5, 2014

Out There is a space exploration sim from Mi-Clos Studio. Gamezebo’s quick start guide will provide you with some tips and hints to help you survive the dangers of space.

Out There

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Out There Review: By the luck of the stars

Feb 27, 2014

It's three in the morning and I'm trying to get back to Earth as quickly as I can. My oxygen is in short supply, and soon I will suffocate if I don't find a planet with an adequate atmosphere to refill it. Speaking of supplies, I had to scrap half of my gear, including my radar, in order to get the parts necessary to repair my ship's hull after a near fatal encounter with space debris in the last star system. So without the aid of radar, I'm blindly flying to the closest system: the only system my remaining wisps of fuel would allow me to get to. I have no idea what awaits, but I'm hoping for a planet rich in oxygen, with friendly natives, and ample with the resources and fuel that I need to continue my journey.

In the deep space of Out There, luck, much like oxygen, is in short supply. I come out of my jump, just short of a black hole; a dead end. I don't have enough fuel for another jump, not that I have enough oxygen to live long enough to even attempt another jump. So, it looks like I won't be making it home.

Out There

Out There is an unfair and frustrating game. But it's also engaging and fun, at the same time. It is a game where players will curse their luck as often as they will praise it. Players opposed to gambling may be a bit turned away by Out There, as the game relies on luck pretty heavily. But then again, the life of a space explorer would more than likely heavily depend on luck. It's all part of the job.

In Out There, players take on the role of an astronaut in the 22nd Century who has just woken up from cryonic sleep to discover that his ship has totally gone off course. Now, with limited resources, the player must leapfrog from star system to star system, in an effort to get back to Earth safely. There are three main resources players must maintain in order to keep the mission going: fuel, oxygen, and hull integrity (iron). Fuel is used to jump to the star systems, travel to planets, and gather resources from the planets. Oxygen is used up gradually over time from doing just about everything, and the ship's hull will take damage from unstable planets as well as a seemingly infinite number of unlucky anomalies that players will undoubtedly encounter during their voyage home. Other resources in the form of elements can be collected and used for ship upgrades.

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NOWHERE Preview: Stranger in a strange land

Feb 5, 2014

You’re floating in space.  Not the recognizable expanse of Milky Way planets and stars, but another region, populated by gently rounded masses that pulse with a neon glow.  It’s abstract but also familiar, with invitingly warm colors and caves just begging to be explored.  The surface of these masses appear soft, clay-like, and tactile; if you could reach out, they would mold around your hand like a foam mattress.

You can reach out.  You have a long, tentacle tether that snakes easily towards the landscape before you, latching on almost magnetically.  This is all you have.  The tether connects you to the terrain, allowing you to casually rope-swing around the pulsating colors, keeping you from floating into the black emptiness beyond.  You can weave through the caves, but there’s nothing to find.  You’re alone, save the ever-present electronic beat and the sense that something big is about to happen.


That something is Nowhere, the in-development open world adventure visible in alpha snippets like the one just described.  While the current version is minimalistic and focused on sharing the sense of movement in thegame’s gravity-free space, the ideas behind Nowhere and its long-term goals are much larger than even its vast environment demonstrates.  We spoke with Leonard Ritter, one-half of the husband-and-wife development team Duangle, about where Nowhere is headed.  

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Battle Supremacy Review: Big tanks, but not quite supreme

Jan 9, 2014

If anyone ever figures out how to make the mobile equivalent of the popular online game World of Tanks, they stand to make a boatload of money, possibly even with a capital ‘B.’ The thing is, no one has quite been able to execute that game’s quality and precision on touchscreens. Battle Supremacy by Atypical Games and Revo Games is the latest to give it a shot, but despite some worthy efforts, it’s still no mobile substitute for the real thing.

It’s certainly not for a lack of visual oomph. Battle Supremacy looks gorgeous, if that’s an appropriate word for a game featuring rolling death machines. From the tanks themselves to the little flourishes like butterflies and snow, the developers did things right. The introductions and cutscenes during the solo missions are notable highlights, made to look like old war footage in all its sepia-toned antiquity.

Yes, I said solo missions, which is something not all games like this have. The first one even serves as a tutorial, though you’ll have to find it yourself as it’s the first of many features that goes unexplained. Each mission gives you several AI partners to help you tackle multiple objectives. The lone drawback is that you don’t know how long each mission will last, giving you no way to tell if you can go for broke or play things more cautiously.

Completing solo missions gets you experience points to improve your rank – needed to unlock the game’s eight tanks – and upgrade points to improve the main gun, armor, engine, treads and radar. You can see how each upgrade affects your stats before you buy, and the points are universal, so you can spend them on any tank you’re able to use. Unlike World of Tanks, there’s no real life equipment involved, simply boosts to the gear you’ve got.

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Namco High Review: The (Digital) Breakfast Club

Dec 24, 2013

Namco High is the latest video game to come from ShiftyLook, the online branch of Namco Bandai which reinvigorates several of the company’s various, more latent intellectual property as webcomics and cartoons. It’s only fitting, then, that in this browser-based dating simulator from the creator of Homestuck, you get to pal around with various characters from ShiftyLook’s comics and beyond.

Well, they tout it as a dating sim, but from what we’ve played, that’s a little bit of a misnomer. You get to engage and interact with numerous characters (15 on the Namco side, three from Homestuck), but things never get deeply romantic. They do, however, get rather humorous in a way which feels rather reminiscent of Capcom’s Ace Attorney series—which is never a bad thing.


You take on the role of a gender-neutral Cousin from Katamari, which you can rename anything you like, and you find yourself in detention with the odd crew of what Principal Dig Dug and his detention supervisor, King, call a group of “delinquents”. Before long, though, you come to find out that your fellow captives aren’t so bad after all. 

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