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Let's Create! Pottery

Pottery for Ipad tip

All you do is create the tallest pot you can, then fire it. Shape doesnt matter.Add a decoration (the hole in the middle one works well)Colour it in, all 1 colour though.Select the egyptian brush that looks like an arch on a bridge, and cover the painted pot with that. I like to start on the bottom..
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The Croods

Getting as far as possible for free

Use as few gems as possible, even in the game intro, dont use the gems, except to level up the berry tree to "24". This will give you enough gems to buy the bearowl trap.To have an owl/bear is not essential, but it does make coins.The next creature that costs gems to catch will be the landwhale..
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In Chapter two you have to cut some dried flowers. Before You can cut them you must use the "Magic Bottle" on the flowers as thatRehydrates them. As in the walkthrough it just says cut dried flowers but if you do not do the above you will be cutting until the cows come home !!!
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Smash Cops Heat

Effective way to reach all achievements

There are several achievements you can reach throughout the games, such as: best time, donuts, stars. It is almost impossible to get all achievements per level, so, I advise you to re-run level several times and reach achievements separately. In this case, let's say you first got "Best time", so for..
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Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars Characters

Welcome to our complete Angry Birds Star Wars characters guide and reference. Star Wars is a very unique addition to the Angry Birds franchise, as it includes a mix of our classic characters with the copyrighted characters from George Lucas’ double-trilogy. Another unique aspect of this app is the..
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Found: A Hidden Object Adventure

Energy Level

Your energy level will replenish itself after awhile. There is no need to pay money for energy to continue playing the game.
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Puzzle & Dragons

Player's Guide: Stats

Player's Guide: Stats1.Monster Type: This descriptive text basically tells you what kind of Monster you are dealing with. These can range from Evo Material, to Attacker or Healer. Their titles often give clues about their roles in battle. This particular character is good for healing - not..
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Don Juan Squirrel


There are fireflies in every levels waiting to be catched! The players should try it.
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Duel of Fate

change of heart

I have chosen the wrong deck in my opinion and almost all of my gold got waisted by upgrading cards and they demote to start when the evolution fails. Is there any way i can start over? i am getting tired of playing with weak cards agains opponents with much stronger cards.
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Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden

Solution for Safe Code

The numbers listed on the clue indicate the direction and the number of clicks to move for the correction Safe Code.The first number isR5-- move the dial right to 5The second number isL3 - 5+3 = 8 --Move the dial right to 8The third number isR8 - 8 - 8 = 0 - Move the dialright to 0The fourth number..
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