Gameloft introducing PvP arenas to Order & Chaos Online

Aug 8, 2012

Order & Chaos Online, Gameloft's popular MMORPG title, has a lot of new content on the way -- the most notable of which is the inclusion of PvP arenas. The decision to update the game was inspired by the many demands fans were making for additional content, proving a mobile developer's work is never really done.

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Best iPhone Games of 2011

Dec 21, 2011

Of all of the lists we’ve had to write this year, none have proven as difficult to compile as this. Not because the iPhone has been lacking in great games – quite the contrary, in fact. There have been so many great games that it’s been practically impossible to narrow it down to just five.

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Nine Facebook games you can play on your phone

Sep 2, 2011

Unless you use iSwifter on your iPad or take a laptop with you wherever you go, there's really no way to play Facebook games on the go. But thankfully a number of developers have attempted to remedy this by making iPhone-exclusive versions of popular social games. They may be smaller, but most of them are just as fun. And as a bonus, there are a handful of cross-platform games that you can play across both Facebook and iOS, too.

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Mobile MMO Order & Chaos Online coming to Facebook

Jul 20, 2011

We were blown away by Gameloft's Order & Chaos Online, which managed to take virtually everything that has made World of Warcraft the biggest MMO in the world and cram it onto an iPhone. And now the game is making the jump to the big screen, with a Facebook version in the works.

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Order & Chaos' first big content update now live

Jul 1, 2011

When word first broke back in May that Order & Chaos Online was getting its first major content update, we couldn’t have been more excited. As a game that’s trying to compete on the same level as PC MMO’s, major content updates were an absolute must – but as a publisher, this isn’t something that Gameloft has had a terrific track record with. It looks like past performance isn’t always indicative of future behaviour, though, as only two months after the game’s worldwide release, iOS gamers are being treated to a free bundle of fresh new content.

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Social games need to become truly cross-platform

Jun 8, 2011

Picture this: your favorite Facebook game is now available on your phone. Amazing! You rush to the app store to download the game, wait patiently for it to install, all the while imagining just how great it will be to be able to pop into the game while you’re on the go, harvesting crops or collecting rent. Problem is, you quickly learn that the two versions of the game don’t speak to one another. If you want to play on the go, you’ll need to start again from the beginning.

This happened to me twice over the past few weeks, and both times it made me anxious for the time when games will truly be cross-platform.

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In 20 days Order & Chaos Online generated $1 million in revenue

May 31, 2011

When it was first released earlier this month, Order & Chaos Online took the iOS world by surprise in the best way possible – just check out our five-star review to see what I mean. Now Gameloft has unveiled a pretty hefty figure to show their success hasn’t just been critical, but commercial too. The game has generated $1 million in revenue in only 20 days.

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First big Order & Chaos Online update is on the way

May 16, 2011

We’ve made no secret of our love for Order & Chaos Online, the World of Warcraft style MMO from Gameloft that hit the iPhone and iPad last month. But for an MMO to survive, it needs fresh content updated regularly. Some sceptics have been quick to point out that Gameloft doesn’t really have much of a history of providing new content to their games, which is reason enough for any MMO gamer to quake in their Level 17 +2 ATK Silver Plated Boots of War. Thankfully however, it looks like our fears can be laid to rest. Courtesy of a post on the game’s official forums, we now know that the first big content update is on the way.

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Order & Chaos Online Review

May 3, 2011

After seeing the teaser trailer put out by Gameloft last month, Order & Chaos Online quickly fell into the “too good to be true” category. That is, until we played it. The trailer promised an MMORPG experience that took everything we loved about World of Warcraft and stuck it onto an iPhone. Not only did it deliver on that promise, but it took us the better part of a week for us to pick our jaws up off the floor long enough to write this review.

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Order & Chaos Online Walkthrough

Apr 29, 2011

Order & Chaos Online is an iPhone game developed by Gameloft that lets go on a grand adventure across a fantasy realm, making friends and fighting enemies along the way. Gamezebo’s Order & Chaos Online strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats to help you conquer the land.

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