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By Talor Berthelson | Feb 16, 2012 |

Game Introduction - Zynga Slingo

Zynga Slingo is the latest game from Zynga, combining the excitement of a slot machine with the fun of playing bingo. The mix may feel a little fresh for some, but with Gamezebo’s quick start guide, you’ll have all the tips, tricks and strategies you’ll need to stay ahead of your friends.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Zynga Slingo

  • To get started with playing Zynga Slingo on Facebook, click on the “Play Now” button above to go straight to the game.
  • You will need to accept the permissions of the game before you start playing. Review the game’s requirements before installing it.

Zynga Slingo

  • Once you’ve loaded the game, you’ll be taken to the main leaderboard menu. This is where you will be taken every time you load the game, and you can pick which stage you want to play.
  • Playing each round of Slingo costs 10 energy. You can purchase additional energy, or wait for it to recharge in time.

How To Play

Zynga Slingo

  • Zynga Slingo is broken up into different stages, where you will need to complete lines of bingo, until you have enough points to finish the stage.
  • You complete a bingo by clicking on the Spin button. This will bring up numbers below the bingo card. If one of these spun numbers matches a number shown on the card, click on the number. This will mark it, and you can then move on.
  • To make sure you don’t miss any numbers, you should always check all of the numbers before clicking on the Spin button again. When all of the available numbers have been marked on the card, they will become greyed out.
  • In each game of Slingo, you cannot spin indefinitely, as you are only given a certain number of balls to use. Once these balls have been depleted, you can choose to either spend a percent of your score, or spend some of your coins (earned while making bingo matches).
  • Once you have five marked numbers in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, that counts as a Slingo and you’ll receive both points and coins for it. You will then play with your remaining balls to make further slingos.
  • Slingo combinations are also available, wherein marking a number will cause multiple slingos at once. You can earn additional bonuses by completing these combos, so be sure to keep watch for them.
  • If you are playing on a slingo pattern stage, you will have to complete the pattern before you are given the completion bonus for the level. The pattern in the stage is denoted by green numbers on the board.

Zynga Slingo

  • Jokers can also appear when you spin the slot machine. When a joker with a green background appears, this means that you can select any number from that column to mark.

Zynga Slingo

  • If a joker appears with a green hat, this means that you can select any number on the board.
  • Whenever you complete a slingo, you will be given coins that go into the column on the left. When the column is full, it will disperse the coins to your bank. As more coins disperse, the multiplier will increase on the coins. This means that every coin that is dispersed will then be multiplied by that number. You can then use them when you run out of balls to purchase additional spins.
  • When you run out of purple balls to use in each round, you can purchase additional spins with your coins. Red coins are limited, but you can also purchase them with 10% of your total score.
  • One of the options that can come up when you spin is the devil coin. When the devil coin comes up, you can choose how much to wager based on how the coin will land when tossed. The larger the wager, the more score is on the line. If the coin lands on the devil, you will lose whichever percentage you chose. If the coin lands on the angel, you will gain the additional score instead of lose it.

Zynga Slingo

  • You can choose to bank your score at any time and end the game with that score, instead of spending coins and spending a portion of your score. When you bank or fill in the entire board, the game is over.

Zynga Slingo

  • At the end of a level, you will then be taken to a results screen where you can see the final score, plus which medals you may have earned on that stage.
  • Earning a medal will add it to your collection, and will allow you to move up on your friend leaderboard. The medals earned count as your level, and earning more of them will allow you to unlock additional power-ups as you go.
  • After you’ve completed a level, you can choose whether to replay it (provided you have enough energy) or to choose another stage at the main menu.


Zynga Slingo

  • You can use power-ups to boost your score by bringing the odds in your favor.
  • Shamrock – They will bring up the jokers more often.
  • Power-up Vision – Shows the power-ups and rewards that could be hiding behind the game board
  • Coin Toss Zapper – This power-up will zap away the devil coin option if you wish.
  • Taunt – Taunt will tip the odds in your favor when the devil coin appears.
  • Slingo Vision – This will highlight the numbers on the board that are able to mark when you complete a spin.
  • Extra Ball – You can purchase another ball for another available spin.
  • Power-ups can either be earned as you level-up (earning medals), or by purchasing them with Slingo Cash.
  • Note: Slingo Cash can only be acquired by purchasing it with real money. Be careful when using it, so that you do not waste it.


  • You have completed the quick start guide for Zynga Slingo on Facebook. Now that you know how to spin the slots, you can be at the top of the ranks in no time! For more guides like this plus reviews, previews, news and more keep checking back with Gamezebo.

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