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User review by jennifer bilodeau


I started receiving invites from others, and ads from other Zynga games to try Bingo.

Of the many times over the last several weeks I decided to give it a try, the page would not load.

On one occasion the game did load, it was fast paced and could be enjoyable. I "buy" new cards for round two and I am told to wait for the next round. In the meantime I start looking at other things and 15 minutes later, I see the system locked up and I was still waiting for the round to start. I reload the game and it does not load again.

It has possibilities, but they need to handle the load issues. It's the same old Zynga problem I stopped playing a lot of games for the same reason. The new Zynga platform outside Facebook works the best, however it is apparent Zynga does not have faith in the development of their own delivery system therefore limiting games available.

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User review by lauralee


I have been having the best time this week since I found " Zynga Bingo "
Thanks Zynga for making a bingo I CAN TRUST!!!

User review by Ethan B.


This game is a clone of Bingo Blitz. They practically force you to spam your friends for a decent game experience. Where's the originality? I had higher expectations from Zynga.

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