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You’ve played bingo before right? This was a social game before people actually used the word social. We’re talking friends, fun, and the indescribable but oh so awesome feeling you get when you hit it, before anyone else, and you’re the winner. BINGO!!! So break out your digital daubers, choose from one of many themed bingo rooms (Pirates Paradise! Vegas Lights!), and grab your friends. You’re going to have some serious fun with Zynga Bingo.

Zynga Bingo Walkthrough

Feb 25, 2012

Zynga Bingo is an online game from Zynga where you can play a classic game of bingo with your friends. In case you’ve never played bingo before, or just don’t know how to approach an online version, we have Gamezebo’s quick start guide here providing you with all of the tips, tricks and walkthroughs you’ll need to be the big winner!

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Zynga Bingo Review

Feb 24, 2012

What can you say about the recent wave of new Facebook bingo games that hasn’t been said yet? Well, up until today, you could say that top social game maker Zynga didn’t have one. But with the launch of Zynga Bingo, such is no longer the case. With the behemoth now joining the fray, it brings a polished rendition of the increasingly popular game type, and with it, a handful of slightly more unique mechanics. That said, as polished as it is and regardless of its new inclusions, it is still, ultimately, just bingo.

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Zynga Bingo is now live on Facebook

Feb 23, 2012

B-I-N-G-O, and Zynga was its name-o! Zynga have been releasing a lot of games over the last few months, from Dream Zoo to Zynga Slingo – but one of the most hotly anticipated has been the one that even your grandmother could sit down and enjoy, Zynga Bingo. And it’s time to break out your dabbers, folks, because the game has just launched on Facebook.

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Zynga responds to plagiarism allegations

Jan 31, 2012

Just yesterday Bingo Blitz developer Buffalo Studios claimed that Zynga's upcoming game Zynga Bingo was a copy of its social game. And this came not long after Tiny Tower developer Nimblebit made similar accusations. Now Zynga has finally responded and, expectedly, denied any wrongdoing.

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Bingo Blitz dev accuses Zynga of plagiarism

Jan 30, 2012

Zynga Bingo may still be in closed beta, but that hasn't stopped Buffalo Studios from claiming that the game is a copy of Bingo Blitz.

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Zynga Bingo Preview

Jan 26, 2012

Originally announced all the way back in October at Zynga's Unleashed event, Zynga has finally released some details on the upcoming Zynga Bingo. The Facebook game maintains much of what has made bingo such an enduring game, but spices things up with the addition of power-ups and social features.

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Zynga announces four new games, including CastleVille and very first HOG

Oct 11, 2011

Zynga has been releasing new games at a furious pace, but it doesn't look like it's slowing down any time soon. The developer has announced four new games, across Facebook and mobille, including the latest "Ville" game and its first foray into the world of hidden object games.

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