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Zoo World 2 Preview

May 24, 2011

Sequels aren't common amongst Facebook games. Developers instead tend to continually update games with new content and expansions. But RockYou is going a different route with the Zoo World series, with a new game set to hit Facebook very soon. Zoo World 2 looks to build on what made the first game such a hit, by offering more animals and more options.

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RockYou CEO steps down as part of company restructuring

Nov 26, 2010

TechCrunch has reported that Lance Tokuda, CEO of RockYou, has stepped down from his role in the company. RockYou are best known for their Birthday Cards application and social game Zoo World, but also have several other successful applications on Facebook such as Hug Me and Pieces of Flair.

Tokuda will be staying with the company, but is changing to a new role in which he is working on 'innovation and strategic initiatives'. This is all part of the corporate restructuring that has taken place after the company laid off around 30% of their staff in mid-October. Tokuda bas been a CEO and founder of RockYou since January of 2006 and clearly has played a big role in the company's success up until now.

RockYou are now going to be focusing heavily on their social game strategy, however their latest title Toy Land doesn't look like it's doing so hot.

[via Techcrunch]


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Zoo World Cornucopia: Everything you need to know

Nov 17, 2010

Zoo World Cornucopia
Zoo World has already released a lot of festive decor for Thanksgiving, but now the game has given players the opportunity to build their own cornucopia for the holiday. When you log into Zoo World, you'll be granted the option to start building your cornucopia. You can also just go directly to the store and buy the Cornucopia Frame for 1,000 coins. Once you place it anywhere on your zoo, you can click on it to tell how many of each piece you need to collect in order to complete it.

To complete the Cornucopia, you need 10 each of Autumn Leaves, Baskets, Grapes, Pears, and Pumpkins. You can ask your friends by posting a newsfeed to your Facebook wall, or you can buy each individual item for 1 Wildlife Point. This means that it will cost you 1,000 coins and 50 Wildlife Points to get the cornucopia without bothering any of your friends. The finished Cornucopia looks like this:

There are 22 days remaining before you will no longer be able to build your cornucopia, so log in today and start collecting pieces!

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Zoo World: Transform your zoo into Thanksgiving Island

Nov 15, 2010

Zoo World Thanksgiving IslandZoo World has just given players something else with which to celebrate Thanksgiving, with the additional of a new Thanksgiving Island map. This map will allow you to decorate one of your additional islands with a Thanksgiving theme. This island has a rock in the shape of a turkey and an orange ground to give yoru zoo that feeling of Autumn harvest.

Players aren't too happy with Zoo World developer RockYou right now, mostly because they've been upset with a lack of support. They're a bit disappointed that this island costs Wildlife Points (15 to be exact) because it seems that almost everything in the game requires WLP now. In addition, this island is yet another hilly map and players have been wanting something flat.

Players are also receiving an error when they try to add an additional island to their zoo, so it makes using this map difficult if you don't want to change an existing island to the Thanksgiving theme.

Overall, this is a fairly lackluster addition to the game, but if you're really into Thanksgiving and want to transform a whole island of your zoo to celebrate it - now is your chance.

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Zoo World releases festive Thanksgiving decor for the animals

Nov 11, 2010

Zoo World Thanksgiving decorations
Zoo World might have gone all out with the Thanksgiving Parade, but they're not being stingy with the additional Thanksgiving decorations for our zoos. There are also six new decorative items that will help match our adorable harvest themed animals that we get from the parade activity.

The Leaf Pile and Leaf Arch are a set of matching fall colored leaves that you can place anywhere on your zoo that could benefit from the color of autumn. These will cost you 50,000 and 100,000 Zoo Cash respectively. There is also the Autumn Plant and Autumn Centerpiece that are nice ways to bring some Thanksgiving cheer to your zoo. A Haystack is available, but don't put it too close to your animal pen or you might find that it's missing the next day. Finally, the Mayflower Boat costs 5 million Zoo cash, but is a large ship that is a replica of the original ship that the Pilgrims sailed in on.

The rest of the the Thanksgiving items are animals that can only be received from playing the Thanksgiving Parade.

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Zoo World Thanksgiving Parade: Everything you need to know

Nov 11, 2010

Zoo World Thanksgiving Parade

Zoo World has put away the Halloween decorations and started a Thanksgiving festival unlike any other. Instead of just releasing fall decorations, the game has started a Thanksgiving parade by which you can collect animals and balloons for your zoo. It's a little bit confusing though, so we have all the details you need to maximize your animal profits during this turkey-related holiday festival. The event will end on December 9th, so there is plenty of time to play and collect animals.

To start interacting with the game, click the large turkey balloon outside your zoo. This will bring up the screen shown above that shows you your progress on blowing up a balloon. Currently, there are two animals available to receive through the parade, a Autumn Hound Dog and a Thanksgiving Pilgrim, but new animals will be available every 3 days.
To unlock each animal, you need a bunch of materials from a combination of sources. First off, you need giftable items. For the Hound Dog, you need 4 Indian Headdresses which are received from friends as gifts. You also need Pilgrim Hats and Batons, but those unlock on November 13th and 16th respectively. You can ask your friends for these, which generates a wall post that allows people to send you the gift if they want to.

Second, you need to collect items from feeding Thanksgiving treats to your animals. This means that when you click the hearts on your zoo enclosures, you should always feed the Thanksgiving treats. This will give you the chance of getting Maize, which you need five of for the first animal and you can collect five per day.

Third, you need to collect Drums which you and friends can share to your feed one time per day. For each feed, 10 friends can collect a drum. You can also purchase all of these items for 1 WLP each.

Zoo World Thanksgiving Parade

After you have collected all the materials, you still need friends in order to blow up your balloon. 5 friends have to click on your wall post to help you blow it up to allow it to be placed on your zoo. You also get the animals itself, and you can do each one of these over and over again to get as many animals as you can get. Note: you will only get one balloon per animal unlocked so while you may have 6 hounds you will only get 1 hound balloon.

Complete this each day and you will unlock a ton of different animals including a turkey and some other animals which we cannot determine at this time. We'll be sure to update you when new animals are available to acquire through the Thanksgiving Parade!

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Thanksgiving Guide: FarmVille, FrontierVille, Mafia Wars & more

Nov 4, 2010

thanksgiving facebook
Thanksgiving is next in the 2010 holiday line up, and we couldn't be more excited for the big turkey day. Halloween just came to a spectacular conclusion with over 160 festive game updates spanning across a ton of different Facebook games. But there's no time to catch your breath, we have to start preparing for Thanksgiving day and a brand new batch of holiday game content.

We expect Thanksgiving updates from FarmVille, FrontierVille, Restaurant City, Mafia Wars, Pet Society, Cafe World, and all the other big games. But Halloween set the bar high; will Thanksgiving deliver the same caliber of Facebook game updates? I think we can count on our favorite Facebook games to give us something to be thankful for.

So put the turkey in the oven, call the relatives, and dive into all the Thanksgiving 2010 Facebook game updates below. Check back in here for all the latest Thanksgiving updates and items.

Note: The newest posts are at the bottom of each game list.

farmville thanksgiving

FarmVille Thanksgiving

petville thanksgiving

PetVille Thanksgiving

ravenwood fair thanksgiving

Ravenwood Fair Thanksgiving

Cafe World Thanksgiving

Baking Life Thanksgiving

FishVille Thanksgiving

Zoo World Thanksgiving

Market Street Thanksgiving

Which Facebook game has the best Thanksgiving updates? What other games would you like to see covered in our Thanksgiving Guide? Let us know!


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Zoo World: Exotic Arabian Nights brings camels and genies

Nov 3, 2010

Zoo World has started a brand new theme today, and it's the Arabian Nights collection. There are a few new animals, decorations, and buildings to start decorating your zoo with the latest Persian gifts. This theme doesn't seem to be very big, but it's possible that it's just the beginning and that there is more to come. Here is a quick peek at what you can find in this new set of items:

Persian Leopard
- 266,450 dollars
Arabian Camel - 259,200 dollars
3 Wishes Stand - 60,000 dollars
Mosque - 6,500,000 dollars
Great Sphinx - 1,000,000 dollars

This theme will only be around for 10 days, but it's awesome that none of these items require Wildlife Points. Players who don't spend money will be overjoyed at being able to have access to all of these Arabian Nights items. I purchased the 3 Wishes Stand expecting that it would grant some kind of reward 3 times, but it was purely a decorative item which was a bit disappointing to me. Either way, this is a neat theme and we hope it's expanded to more items.


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Zoo World developer RockYou suffers massive layoff

Oct 15, 2010

RockYou, one of the top 10 Facebook application developers, has laid off a huge portion of their staff today, according to TechCrunch. RockYou is most known in the social gaming space for their title Zoo World and their new game Toy Land, but have also achieved massive success with their Birthday Cards application. The developer, based out of Redwood City, California, has stated that this layoff was a restructuring of the company in order to support their new direction of solely creating social games. Though the article at TechCrunch reports that less than half of the company was laid off, a commenter who claims to be one of those who were let go today has stated that the number was closer to 70% of the company.

RockYou has raised over 125 million dollars in funding to date, and has almost 24,000 monthly active users across all of their applications. With all of the buzz around acquisitions, funding, and positive growth for social games, it's disappointing to see a major loss like this for one of the largest Facebook game companies. A quick glimpse at the jobs page on the RockYou website shows over 25 jobs available, most in the areas of Product Management, Engineering, and Marketing.

[via TechCrunch]


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Zoo World: Buildable Haunted House unlocks Halloween festivities

Oct 14, 2010

Zoo World Haunted House
Zoo World is not going to be left behind with all of the Halloween fun going on in the Facebook gaming world. RockYou! are always on top of new themes for their massively popular zookeeper game. If you log in to the game, you'll see a popup that will tell you about the new buildable Haunted House and will take you to the store to purchase it. First, you need to buy the base at a cost of $1,000 Zoo Dollars. Once you buy the base, place it anywhere on your zoo (that is, if you can find a spot in which it will fit - it's pretty large!) and click on it to start asking friends to send you materials.

The process for building your Haunted House should be fairly straightforward if you play many Facebook games. You need to collect 5 each of Cracked Shingles, Broken Windows, and Cobwebs. To get these items, your friends will have to send them to you as gifts. Once you have finished one Haunted House, you can start another if you'd like! If you're having troubles finishing it, you can either buy the entire Haunted House for 20 Wildlife Points, or each material individually for 1-2 Wildlife Points each.

Unlike other games, once you build your Haunted House the fun is not over. A finished Haunted House is what you need to unlock all of the other Halloween surprises. By collecting other items such as Thread, Patches, Candy Corn, Scissors, Wigs and Paint you can win exclusive Halloween animals wearing unique costumes. If you visit a ZooMate's zoo, you will get 1 free Candy Cane per day to give you a headstart on collecting these treats.

For more information on the Zoo World Halloween activities, read the official Zoo World blog!


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