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It's all fun and games until a Yeti shows up!

Welcome to Yeti Town, the most fun, addictive and challenging puzzle game available for iOS. Compete with your friends to build the best town possible by placing matching scenery, three or more together. Combine three Saplings to make a Tree, three Trees to make a Tent, and trap Yetis to make Ice Cubes.

Plan your combinations wisely to grow your town like the brilliant planner you are! Player beware: In Yeti Town, the Yeti is never far from attempting to foil your plans for the perfect town. Have you got what it takes to prevail in the face of Yeti invasion?

Featuring amazing graphics for both iPhone and iPad, a unique 3D tilt feature and authentic yeti animations and sounds, Yeti Town is sure to provide a visually immersive and challenging experience.

Play Yeti Town for free and stay tuned for future updates featuring exciting new challenges!

Yeti Town publisher denies breaching Triple Town NDA

Feb 3, 2012

Last week indie studio Spry Fox, developer behind the cross-platform hit Triple Town, announced that it was filing a lawsuit against 6waves Lolapps claiming that the publisher's game Yeti Town was a copy of Triple Town. 6waves has since responded and denied copying the game.

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Triple Town developer files copyright infringement suit over Yeti Town

Jan 29, 2012

With the rampant plagiarism that goes on in game development, something like this was bound to happen sooner or later. David Edery, CEO of Spry Fox, has just confirmed on his blog that his company has filed a copyright infringement suit against 6Waves LOLAPPS in regards to the latter’s release of Yeti Town, a game that clearly borrowed everything that was original about Spry Fox’s Triple Town, slapped on a fresh coat of paint, and made it to the App Store first.

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Lolapps (sort of) denies cloning Triple Town

Jan 28, 2012

The backlash against Zynga for its (pretty blatant) plagiarism of Tiny Tower may have been one of this week's big stories, but it certainly isn't the only recent case of game companies ripping each other off. Late last year, 6waves Lolapps was accused of doing the exact same thing, and now the company's finally defending itself.

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Yeti Town Review

Dec 23, 2011

There’s a certain wisdom in music that, if you’re going to cover a song, you really add to do something new. You need to make it your own. Otherwise, why would someone listen to your song instead of the original? The same goes for games. Unfortunately for Yeti Town, the only substantial difference between it and Facebook’s Triple Town is the platform it's on. Otherwise it’s the exact same game, only this time with snow.

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