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User review by riley freer


Very well designed Scrabble clone. Although there are others I only use this one.

User review by ToxicDoom


i actually really like the game. It's got a better layout than scrabble does on Facebook - graphically appealing. The only thing i would change is really....the Ad placement. It's kinda "Slow" if you're friend's aren't online, coordinating and stuff - but, if they're on, and ya 2 get the chance to play - it's AMAZING!

I first played this game drunk last week LOL! But, my vocabulary used to suck! Guess all the times i spent with word games at Pogo....Kinda paid off xD

User review by gamerlady2010


it didn't work with pc if i'm not mistaken. only for iphone,ipad, ect.. tried in facebook couldn't play.

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User review by Kelly Varnsen


I've been playing Words since I got my itouch. As it's basically Scrabble, I won't talk too much about the rules. It's designed so that you don't have to play a game in one sitting. That said, you can start as many games as you want with strangers or friends and log on every couple of hours or so to make a move. The recently added facebook app also makes it easier to continue games on your phone or computer which is great for me personally because my ipod has a low battery life. The facebook app also specifies which combination of letters are not a word if you're plugging in random letters, which the ipod app doesn't do.

One complaint I have is that sometimes I do want to play a game in one sitting when I'm really bored. But overall it's very flexible, can be played with any amount of spare time, and great to download as it's free.

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User review by boombaby51


Fun for Scrabble lovers. Also a fun way to keep in touch with others. Play it on my iPhone. Yes, updates are slow; but I usually only play once a day.

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