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Seven new world languages come to Words with Friends

Aug 22, 2013

Donde es my iPad? Okay, so I’ve never been that great with second languages, but I’ve always desperately wanted to learn: and now I just might be able to do that, all while playing one of my favorite mobile word games! Zynga has announced this week that a total of siete (I’m told that means seven) new languages have been introduced into the popular mobile word game, Words with Friends, including: Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Swedish, and Portuguese.

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Hasbro and Zynga team up to unleash a flurry of board games

Oct 2, 2012

Liabilities! Bulldog markets! Synergy! Such are the terms we use to describe business, and this post is no different. Zynga has teamed up with Hasbro to create board games based on a handful of their social games, including FarmVilleCityVilleWords With Friends, and Draw Something.

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Words With Friends Review

Mar 26, 2012

Words With Friends is a hit, and for good reason. Scrabble aficionados and casual players alike have flocked to this game. While Words With Friends takes a lot cues from the classic word game (to the point where it often feels like a blatant ripoff), it's constant one-on-one setting and it's friendly approach make it easy to pick up and play. While light on features, most word buffs and novices will find enjoyment in this title.

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OMGPOP price likely determined by bidding war

Mar 22, 2012

Yesterday, we reported Zynga bought out Draw Something developer OMGPOP for $210 million ($180 million plus another $30 million in employee payouts). Earlier today, Macquarie analyst Ben Schachter stated that the likeliest reason for such a high price point is a bidding war. Schachter pointed out that, despite Draw Something's popularity boom over the past few weeks, OMGPOP's $200 million price tag seem a little steep.

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Zynga no longer king of the Facebook hill

Mar 17, 2012

Ever since the dawn of mankind, as defined as since the release of FarmVille, Zynga has had the number one app on Facebook in terms of daily average users (DAU’s) until now.

Today, OMGPOP’s Draw Something is officially the most popular app on Facebook with 10.8 million DAU’s, compared to Words with Friends with 8.6 million DAU’s according to AppData.

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Words With Friends spells out real world lifesaving

Jan 17, 2012

One of the best things about Words With Friends (aside from making Alec Baldwin look like a raging blowhard) is that it hooks you up with gamers from across the planet. You can meet people you never would otherwise, learn words and phrases from faraway lands, and maybe make a new friend or two. Oh, and maybe —just maybe— you'll wind up saving a life, which is what happened over the weekend.

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The Zynga Story in 10,000 words or more

Dec 12, 2011

Dean Takahashi of Venturebeat has written what amounts to a book about the growth story that is Zynga. Seriously, it’s 12 web pages long and my guess is that they’ll turn it into a for-pay e-book once Zynga goes public this week. In the meantime, read it for free here.

In other Zynga news, the company is planning to go public in what could be the biggest game company IPO ever. As luck would have it, or as game launch strategy and a huge marketing campaign would happen, the top 5 games on Facebook are Zynga games this week, driven by the new release of CastleVille and renewed popularity of Word with Friends.

And someone at Zynga needs to send a gift to Alec Baldwin for giving them and Word with Friends the greatest public relations gift alive on the week of going public. Here’s the SNL skit if you’re curious.

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Alec Baldwin kicked off plane because of Words with Friends

Dec 7, 2011

If you’re Zynga, you can’t really buy better press than this. Former Jack Ryan, current Jack Donaghy, and all around jack... guy Alec Baldwin likes Words With Friends--a lot. So much so that he was ejected from an American Airlines flight Tuesday afternoon because of his love for the game, or so his spokesperson Matthew Hiltzik told CNN.

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Zynga, Ford, and Jenny McCarthy team up for a really big game of Words With Friends

Nov 14, 2011

If you're a fan of Words With Friends, then you'll love this: The world's largest round of the game it about to kick off. The game is the end result of one of the most unlikely collaborations: Zynga, American auto-maker Ford, and actress Jenny McCarthy.

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Facebook’s f8 Announcements and what it means for Social Games

Sep 22, 2011

Facebook announced a lot of changes in how it does things today: announcing a newly designed profile page around a timeline, which will enable users to share a lot more of what they are doing, wanting, listening to, watching, and playing. The changes are big, I tell you, BIG!

But let’s talk about games. We are a games site, after all.

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