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In Wild West Town you'll step off the train into your very own piece of the Old West! Build your town from nothing into a thriving western settlement, with new folk arriving every day, each with their own story to tell!

Interview: Clipwire on the importance of narrative in Wild West Town

May 6, 2011

Despite the large number of popular Western-themed games on Facebook, including Zynga's FrontierVille, the team at ClipWire games still decided to put its own spin on the genre with Wild West Town. And it worked. Thanks to a strong focus on characters and storytelling the game managed to set itself apart from the pack and earn a 4.5 star rating from us. Gamezebo recently talked with Clipwire CEO Ritesh Khanna about why a good story is so important and what fans can expect from the game in the future.

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Wild West Town Review

Mar 16, 2011

The Old West is undergoing something of a Facebook revival these days thanks to titles like The Oregon Trail and FrontierVille, and we've reached that stage where one Western-themed game feels much like the other. Clipwire Games' new Wild West Town moseys far in this precarious direction, but it thankfully distinguishes itself by offering a memorable experience based the popular FrontierVille formula. Here we have a game with a story to tell; indeed, you might say its strength is that it has a story at all.

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