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User review by bigkey


why can i not play your game anymore what did i do like my lvl is up i was doing good on your game but now i can not play anymore why is that ps i will give you a batter reviem when i can git back and play thank

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User review by decker


could have been a great game. interesting genre. i love it.... but i hate games that relies too much on adding friends. this is that kindda game. to complete a building upgrade, ask from friends. to expand your land, ask from friend. no other option.

wait. there is other option. pay up!! cold hard cash!!
if its the same company that did ItGirl, im not surprised. same thing.

User review by harpo068


I actually really liked this game, but the gameplay just isn't balanced right. First, the drops are too hard to get. Every darn building you upgrade, even the first time, requires materials that you can't get without paying for them. The game tells you that can get these materials in attacks or by scavenging, but you can't. (Believe me, I tried.) Plus, you can't expand beyond a tiny area unless you get batteries by getting your friends to play. Now, I have over 500 FB game friends, but it is really hard to get people to try a new game that doesn't have a lot of hype.

And that's not all, every single part of the game has a really high barriers to play, even in the low levels. The scavenging soon peters out so that the only option is to spend either 1 minute or 24 hours to scavenge a spot, nothing in between! That's so NOT how I play FB games! Further, the battle levels are off--it is common to lose to an enemy that is marked as "very easy." As a result, soldiers keep getting wiped out and they become very expensive and time-consuming to constantly replace. So basically this game has a great structure and graphics, but it is way too frustrating to enjoy unless you are willing to pay to play right off the bat.

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